AAR: Konor Mission 2 (Orks and Marines vs Taugle)

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AAR: Konor Mission 2 (Orks and Marines vs Taugle)

Postby WaaaghDynasty » Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:23 pm

Excellent event over at Alpha Omega last weekend- thanks to everyone who came!

For our game, we explored attacking an entrenched long range unit expecting deep strikers. I tried a slightly modified version of my 90 Boyz list (fewer Boyz and 1 superheavy) and paired with a balanced Space Marines player to take on a Tau/Nurgle army. 900 points per player (1800 for each army):

Warboss on a Bike
Wierdboy with Da Jump (remove an Infantry unit from the board and place them over 9" away from enemy)
30 Boyz with a Power Klaw Nob
25 Boyz with a Big Choppa Nob
Terminator Librarian with 5 Terminators (reserve)
10 Marines in a Rhino

Daemon Prince
2 large squads of Poxwalkers
6 Plague Marines

Commander in a Battlesuit
2 Hammerheads
10 Pathfinders and Drone support
Goal of the game: Orkperium attacks, Tau/Nurgle defend, kill points + Slay the Warlord

My opponents definitely nailed their deployment- the long range units are bubble wrapped with fragile and cheap units with all characters safely protected and the closest unit (Pathfinders) on 2nd level terrain (which means an 11" instead of a 9" charge). The superheavy Gorkanaut is too far to make into cc before the LR antitank mows him down. The Weirdboy should have teleported 30 Boyz close enough to the PoxWalkers to get a rerollable 9" charge, but instead they waste their first turn moving/advancing across the board. 25 Boyz are teleported near the Pathfinders to try for a charge, but this was a tactical error. They all shoot at the Pathfinders, but do no significant damage.
In their turn, the Tau open up on the Gorkanaut and nearly destroy it, while smaller firepower fails to significantly impact the advancing Boyz. They do not advance, preferring to let the Orks come to them.

Turn 2: The marines are unable to advance up the board as quickly, though the Rhino and Dread move as far as they can. The Boyz make it into the Poxwalkers and leave only 2 alive, while the Gork wipes out the rest of the Pathfinders with shooting. Unfortunately, this leaves one Boyz skuad in cc in the center of the board (surrounded and not supported), and the other one unable to charge the Pathfinders and cut off far away. Snipers ding some points off the Prince.
The Librarian comes on, but he and the termies fail their charge against Typhus. That'll cost us later.

The Tau open up on the Gork and wreck it, while the Poxwalkers leave combat and allow everything else to shoot at the exposed skuad of 30 Boyz. They are whittled down, and ultimately destroyed in cc by the remaining cc squads and Plague Marines. The termies are shot at by the Daemon Prince and others, and lose 2.

Turn 3: the Weirdboy teleports the remaining skuad across the board, where they bum rush the poxwalkers and Plague Marines. The marines make 17 saves, the Poxwalkers are nearly wiped out. The Warboss (in a little desperation) rushes the Helbrute and inflicts 2 Power Klaw wounds. The Helbrute makes 2 6+ saves and squishes him.

On a good note, the Termies make it into CC and crush the Daemon Prince.

Turn 4:

Although the Boyz finally destroy all Poxwalkers and all Plague Marines but one, they are brought down to 14.
The terminators lose 2 to the Tau (which also pops the Rhino), and the Librarian is crushed by Tuphus. The weirdboy is caught out in the open by the Helbrute and squished before the Marines' dread kills him. Unfortunately, we ran out of time before we could try for a charge against the entrenched Tau, but we had very few units left on the board. Strong victory to Tau/Nurgle.

Lessons learned (IMO):
1) Get Boyz into combat asap. remember distance and make sure they can try for that 9" re-rollable charge.
2) One Weirdboy may not be enough if your goal is to use them to get across the table quickly. Should supplement with Stormboyz or Warbikers to try for a turn 1 charge.
3) Don't charge your Warboss into a Dreadnought.
4) Gorkanauts should be at the front of the line (if at all) and should get into cc asap. An invuln save is a good idea, but Gorkanauts may not be a good idea in small games.
5) I think what really killed us in this game was the inability to get all our heavy hitters up the board at the same time. They hit one at a time and it overall didn't work. Many units were caught on the wrong side of the board and vulnerable to LR firepower.

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