I'm Gonna Need More Guns - After a few battles with Chaos

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Re: I'm Gonna Need More Guns - After a few battles with Chaos

Postby MrScotty » Thu Jan 16, 2020 10:22 am

A concept list for "Mo' Dakka, Mo' Cp to keep things alive"

Battalion (Red Corsairs)

HQ: Daemon Prince with Wings+Sword (Warptime)
HQ: Sorceror, Mark of Tzeentch (Prescience, Weaver of Fates)

Troops: 5x CSM, Reaper Chaincannon (3x of these)

Battalion (Iron Warriors, Hellforged Warpack)

HQ: Master of Possession
HQ: Lord Discordant (Special Relic from Warpack, Baleflamer Warlord trait: depending on opponent, Daemonsmith, Bastion, not stoic advance because Daemonsmith is identical in shooting for your army and works in melee too)
HQ: Lord Discordant (1CP: Special Wl Trait from warpack)

Troops: 3x10 cultists with autoguns

Elites: 5x Terminators, Chainaxes and Combi-boltguns (using the Tsons terminators for this unit would be good)

Fast: Blood slaughterer of Khorne
Fast: Blood slaughterer of Khorne

Heavy: Venomcrawler
Heavy: Maulerfiend with Tendrils
Heavy: 3x Obliterators (These guys really would be best as Mark of Slaanesh, a double shoot stratagem that can be combined with a +1 wound stratagem on a turn where you rolled good for their guns would be just brutal, and it is totally free)

After buying your 1CP Hellforged pack and your 1CP extra warlord trait from it, you're left with a pool of 14 command points from this list, thanks to the 8CP Corsairs battalion.

Before your engines hit turn 2 you have the ability to put 60 autogun shots, 56 boltgun shots, and 48 reaper shots downfield to clear away cheapo chaff. The obliterators can deep strike, but you have another hilarious option thanks to their INFANTRY keyword: the Cannon Fodder stratagem, which you can use to make them untargetable. This can also be used any time during your opponent's shooting phase, including after they selected that unit of plasma hellblasters or whatever that wants to shoot the obliterators - force them to pump their shots into your super buffed up daemon engines instead.

The pimped out Disco Lord with the relic and trait is intended to provide a distraction carnifex from the real late game threat, which is your fastboi Disco Lord. Daemonsmith is a buff you can make work for you turn 1 by using it with the Obliterator combo (Veterans of the Long War+Endless Cacaphony+Rampant Technovirus while standing in Infernal Power...if you need to clear out a fuckton of primaris marines, that's the way to do it!)

You have a whole host of tools for keeping your important shit alive. Unholy Vigor allows a daemon engine to regenerate 4 wounds (3+1 for their regular regen) for 1cp, Dour Duty lets you strategically reduce the AP of your enemy's weapons by 1, and Iron Within gives you a 6++ fnp. Of course if you get Cursed Earth and Weaver of Fates as well.

The biggest struggle I see with this list is much like my Thousand Sons any army that likes psychic buffs REALLY wants first turn. If you get second turn, you've got a tactical conundrum that's going to depend heavily on the composition of the enemy army.

As an example, let's say we're up against this:
Basic Primaris List

Ultramarines Battalion
Captain in Phobos (Upgrade: Chapter Master, Adept of the Codex)
3x5 Intercessors with Bolt Rifles
5x Hellblasters
3x Plasma Inceptors
3x Suppressors
3x Eliminators
3x Aggressors
Shoot when you die Banner Guy
Redemptor Dread with Dakka
Repulsor Executioner with big Lascannon
Repulsor with 4x Lascannon Build

And we're playing a modern mission so we know we most likely don't get first turn, the whole gunline is going to hit us basically. Marine armies nowadays pretty much deploy in a giant blob in the middle of the board, with the hellblasters, suppressors, and Repulsor Executioner toward the back and the Intercessors, Aggressors and Dreadnought toward the front.

My very first question looking at my opponent's board is: Can I find a feature somewhere on the table that can allow my Obliterators to be in range on my turn, but keep a unit of my cultists 31" away from Aggressors, Redemptor, and Intercessors?

My second question is: Can I hide my Sorceror and MoP from the Eliminators? Typically an infantry sized unit is easy to tuck between two windows in a ruin such that they're pretty much invisible.

and my third question is: Can I position my Maulerfiend in a way that he's threatening to catapult into the enemy lines using Warptime? I'd really like the Maulerfiend to be a clear, distinct threat, as opposed to the rest of the army being deployed in a bit of the blob.

With average rolls, accounting for RRs of 1 to wound and full RRs to hit, also assuming the Inceptors deep strike, our opponent can concentrate anti-tank fire and destroy 1 daemon engine reliably. He can also reliably use all his anti-infantry firepower to wipe out 2 of our CSM squads or all of our cultists (losing CSM is worse so we'll assume that). It doesn't make sense to declare everything in cover since he's got tons of AP on his anti-tank weapons, and we'll assume that we spent 3CP on Iron Within Iron Without and Cannon Fodder to keep him from targeting the obliterators.

On our turn, we want to advance the MoP up to create the scorched Earth and rerolls zone, and most of our shooting is going to be Obliterators, who can spend 3CP total (usually no need for +1 to wound vs marines) and make themselves seem like an unholy threat. Average rolls with double shooting lets them wipe 2 units of primaris stuff, probably Aggressors and Hellblasters. The Venomcrawler should be able to take out 2/3 suppressors easily with rr 1s to hit and wound.

The lascannon repulsor needed to be 24" away to use all its antitank weapons, so with Warptime we should be able to get 1 daemon engine to it. A blood slaughterer with Daemonforge up in the fight phase should do 12 damage with average rolls.

I'd expect to lose at least one more heavy unit next turn, and probably the Obliterators to massed anti-infantry fire, but our remaining melee units are ready to crash enemy lines turn 2 and we have enough cheap chaff remaining to hold the backline objectives.
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