Update on my DA army!

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Update on my DA army!

Postby waddledom » Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:10 pm

Hello all, I haven't been in as of recent, and have been super busy( some family issues plus planning for my birthday which is in literally 5 days)

Anyways I have made some efforts in putting together more minis out of the stuff I already own!

I managed to build a librarian with bolt pistol a sheathed force sword... and a massive book in hand! Also trying to flesh out my veteran company have built one already with flamer and chainsword. And a dual plasma gun one is in the works(That even allowed?)

Really hoping to get a game in soon, or go visit the bunker for that matter! Miss playing the game terribly and miss all you guys too! Anyways that's all I wanted to say!