The State of the Grimdarkness - End of 2018 Reflection & Announcement

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The State of the Grimdarkness - End of 2018 Reflection & Announcement

Postby Memento » Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:59 pm

Hey All!

It's December! Which means it's time for a bit of reflection on the past year. I know I haven't been in much (childcare, yo!) but when I've been able to make it down I've seen a lot of new faces at the club - which is great! Even more importantly, I'm seeing that last years' new faces have joined prior years' regulars. We're continuing to grow, by any metric that we can think of. We're continuing to fulfill our mission of being a great enviornment where people can roll dice and have fun.

That's thanks to all of you.

2018 saw a number of different growing pains for 8th Edition Warhammer 40,000. From FAQs to beta rules to Chapter Approved, armies saw new highs and lows. But throughout it all, Grimdark remained a place where gamers of all competitive levels could find the type of game that they were seeking. It's a credit to each and every one of our members and regulars that we can continue to foster the sort of friendly-competitive spirit that makes casual wargaming enjoyable for everyone.

This past year also saw a number of fantastic accomplishments - spearheaded by the Grimdark Officers and members alike. Below I wanted to call out a few of the highlights that I've seen, though this is by no means an inclusive list:

Our terrain collection continues to grow. As 8th Edition continues to evolve and change how we approach the game, our terrain collection has likewise adapted. From new line-of-sight blockers to full on Kill Team tables, we've gotten some great options for different boards and layouts. And it's only getting better. Thanks to Scott and others who've worked diligently to get our collection to the point where I can proudly say we've got some of the best looking tables in all of Massachusetts.

One Day Events and Campaigns
I know we weren't able to run as many tournaments or one-day events as we would have liked to this year. But those we did run, got an enormous amount of positive feedback. So we're definitely looking into running more next year. The Kill Team Campaign that just wrapped up was a first for us, as well as many others. An ongoing, GW supported, skirmish-level campaign was wildly popular. So we're going to think on ways to incorporate those ideas into future plans. Much thanks to Dave, Spencer, Albert, and everyone else who participated in those events and made them a success.

Shared Space Clean Up Initiative
One of my favorite things about small community organizations is when a member - independent of leadership - takes it upon themselves to address something that they see needs attention. This was the case when TomX pointed out that the Bunker's gaming space - a space that we share with other clubs and gamers - wasn't living up to its potential. Furthermore the storage solutions that the Officers had brought in the previous year weren't doing enough to keep our terrain investment from being damage. He was right. As a result there's been an ongoing cleanup and repair effort to help maintain our terrain and get some of our tables into better shape. Furthermore, we're looking to open up some more playing space in the coming year - more on that to come!

Club Funds
Finally, the last thing I want to address is the state of club finances - and I've intentionally saved the best news for last. As you all know, we collect $20 from each member every six months. That money goes towards site/forum maintence, terrain investment, and other various and sundry items. Those of you familiar with small business operations can take a quick gander at the number of active members in good standing, do a bit of arithmetic, and start to wonder what we do with all the cash we take in from club dues.

The simple answer is that we've been sitting on a lot of it. Over the last year Grimdark has deepened our relationships with Games Workshop, the Hobby Bunker, and other vendors. And the support that we've received from those sources has meant that we haven't had to dig into our coffers as much as we'd initially anticipated. On a similar vein and in light of the continued support, the sum we'd set aside as a contingency against disaster has proven to be excessive. This isn't to say we won't continue to set aside a portion of club funds to hedge against the unforseen - don't worry!

What this does mean is that the Officers have decided that for the each of the renewal periods for the next calendar year, Grimdark Gaming Membership Dues will be $10.

Nothing's changed about what Membership status means to you or to us. As a club member you'll still get the 10-20% discount on Bunker items. You'll still get access to our club library and terrain collection. You'll still get the member-only section of the forums. And you'll still get that warm and fuzzy feeling for supporting Grimdark Gaming. You're not losing any member benefits. In fact, we're only looking at improving the member experience in 2019.

All this means is that the Officers took a look at the finances and thought we're looking pretty okay for 2019. At the end of next year, we'll look at the books again and make a new decision for 2020. But for now, we're in a good place. If you're a member and want a closer look at the health of club finances, you're welcome to reach out to Spencer.

As is our custom, the Membership Renewal Period begins on January 1st, 2019. Current members will have a grace period during the month of Jaunary to renew their memberships, should they choose to. Membership lasts for 6 months until the next renewal period on July 1st.

Thanks again to all of the members and other gamers who do their part in making us a great community. We hope you enjoy the holiday season and look forward to another great new year paintin' miniatures and rolling dice! And if there are any notable achievements you've experienced - in the club or otherwise adjacent to the hobby - that I haven't mentioned, I'd love to hear about it in the thread below!

Anthony (President) & the Grimdark Gaming Officer Corps (Brian, Dave, Scott, and Spencer)