Necrons and their first Competitive Outing

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Necrons and their first Competitive Outing

Postby Connman234 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:25 pm

Well guys, I ran my brother's necrons in a competitive tournament this past Saturday. First, here is the list I ran with some basic descriptions of what things do. For reference, we played the Nova missions, so the max you could score between Primary Objectives, Secondary Objectives, and Tertiary Objectives was 38.
Necrons for Battlegrounds Saugus Tournament

Batallion: Meprit (Weapons get an addition AP-1 within 1/2 range of the weapon
Necron Lord (Infantry re-rolls of 1 to wound)
Cryptek (+1 to Reanimation Protocols) (5+ invuln for shooting for <Mephrit> Units)
10x Warriors (Guns are Rapidfire1 24" S4 AP-1 1D)
10x Warriors (Guns are Rapidfire1 24" S4 AP-1 1D)
8x Immortals (3+ Save compared to 4+ Warriors) (Guns are Assault 2 24" S 5 AP0 1D 6+ Hit counts as 3 Hits)
C'tan: Deceiver (Deals Mortal Wounds in Movement Phase {Primarily all enemies within 9" take D3 Mortal Wounds on a 4+}) (Re-deploys himself and/or D3 units anywhere 12" away from the enemy. Units can't charge if they were redeployed)
Triarch Stalker (Anti-Tank guns) (Can Ignore Damage if I roll below the damage result) (If Stalker does an unsaved wound, entire army gets re-roll 1's against that unit)
Ghost Ark (Transport for Warriors) (Can do a second Reanimation Protocols for Units) (Can Ignore Damage if I roll below the damage result) (Fly)
Ghost Ark (Transport for Warriors) (Can do a second Reanimation Protocols for Units) (Can Ignore Damage if I roll below the damage result) (Fly)

Outrider: Sautek (Can advance and shoot their guns. Can move and no penalties for Heavy weapons)
Destroyer Lord (Warlord: can re-roll a save or a Damage Roll, 5+ CP refund) (Destroyer re-rolls of 1 to wound) (Fly)
5x Destroyer Squad (Guns are Heavy 3 24" S6 AP-3 D3D) (One Destroyer with Heavy 1 36" S9 AP-4 D6D) (Re-roll 1's to hit) (No Penalty for Heavy weapons) (Fly)
5x Destroyer Squad (Guns are Heavy 3 24" S6 AP-3 D3D) (One Destroyer with Heavy 1 36" S9 AP-4 D6D) (Re-roll 1's to hit) (No Penalty for Heavy weapons) (Fly)
3x Tomb Blades (Guns are Assault 3 24" S6 AP0 1D) (-1 to hit them) (3+/5++) (Fly)

So with the list shown, here are the results.
2 Wins, 1 Loss, Tied for 7th overall and was 3rd best Xenos Player.

How this list worked.

I deploy everything on the table and pre-battle round 1, The Deceiver moves himself and D3 units. I got to move a total of 4 units each round. So I was moving the Deceiver, the Ghost Arks full of Warriors, and the regular Lord. The Warriors get out of the Ghost Arks and everything moves to within 12" and then shoot effectively 80 shots at S4 AP-2 1D. The Deceiver moves and advance to be in better position for his Power. The Immortals and a cryptek stay back and sit on an objective. The destroyers and tomb blades stayed back and ping at the bigger scary things that were tougher things. If anything got into melee with Destroyers and/or Ghost Arks, they fly away and continue shooting.

Results of the list
The shooting of the warriors and ghost arks were absolutely terrifying. Between the Ghost Arks and the Warriors, I was doing 80 shots at AP-2. That level of massed shots at a decent AP was chewing through everything that was in ranged. if anything got closer to the rear, I now have squad of anti-terminator type weapons. I do have some "Las-cannon-esk" weapons, but I would have to rely more on on the volley of from the weaker guns.

Game 1 (Tom): Ravenguard (Win 26 to 9)
This was a game, where my opponent didn't know what any necron thing did, and didn't ask/understand what they did. So I was able to get the Deceiver, one Ghost Ark, and the regular Lord right in the back line with the Deceiver's ability. After moves and whatnot, everything was in position to begin the systematic destruction. Small, but probably second favorite moment, was by burning some CP, I was able to have the Deceiver fling his Librarian through the Space-Time-Continuum. He didn't let that stand, but with an entire flank crippled, it was only a matter of time of encircling and tabling. At the end of the game, he had 2 assault squads he Deep Striked turn 3 to get points, but if it went to turn 4, I would have tabled him.

Game 2 (Gil): Custodes Batallion with squad of 5 bikes, 2 bike captains, and Sisters of Battle Batallion with Celestine and Gemini (Loss 16 to 22)
This was a totally different game than Game 1. While I did lose, it was more due to poor choice of secondaries. (Kill 2+ units in a turn, Have a unit in each table quarter each turn, and kill 4 troop sisters squads). Even though I lost, Gil ould definitely attest that I did not make it easy for him. I split my forces a little unevenly to protect myself more from a flank that wasn't a fighting ground. With one turn of shooting, I killed 1 SoB squad, 3 of 4 in a custodes guard squad, and his 5 bikes. Gil had better luck, due to having massed invulnerable saves, but every time I shot at them, he was always taking them. He was able to stop my advance and systematically and eventually Gil was racking up Primary Points while I couldnt. Quantum Shielding saved my Ghost Arks way too many times. To help with Gil's mobility, he took a land raider that at turn 4, I brought down to 4 wounds remaining. While it was full and hearty, Gil kept targeting a Ghost Ark with his 4 Lascannon shots, but each time, Quantum Shielding went "LOL! NO DAMAGE FOR YOU!", and the Ghost Ark would take nothing. Eventually, Gil killed the massed volleys of fire and took the win.

Game 3 (Pete): Footslogging Custodes with 4 Troop Custodes Guard Squads, and 3 of the "-1 hit" banner (Win 37 to 14)
This was the longest, and probably most mutually fun game between us. For my secondaries, I picked "Kill Every troop Choice", "Mark for Death (All Custodes Guard Troop Squads)", and "Moment of Bloodshed (Kill 2+ units in a turn)". Like before, the strategy was the same, except I focused all my Ghost Arks and Warriors on one flank and used the Destroyers to handle the other. Those -1 Hit banners really did cut into my firepower, but slowly and surely, I was still killing Pete's units just by the volume of fire. The exciting point was we had 20 mins to play turn 5 and I needed to kill the last Custodes Guard to net 5 Secondary Points. We played the battle round, and he lived with 1 WOUND REMAINING! 10 Min's left. I ask Pete if we can play turn 6 stating that all I was going to do was shoot that single guy. He agrees and I eventually kill him.

Final Thoughts

While I actually built this around an Imperial Guard Meta, I didn't fight any IG at all. I was expecting to chew through those front lines and then just keep pushing like I did, but I did not expect it to give Custodes such a challenge. There are some tweaks I'm considering. The stalker, while cool, didn't do much. It pretty much had to keep moving to be relevant, so it wasn't hitting the best (Did Kill a custode in melee though). That and the Immortals were just sitting there on an objective doing nothing but holding it. Overall, super happy with the list and the progress I made.
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