AAR - Narrative from CA AM v IW

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AAR - Narrative from CA AM v IW

Postby PrideofVulkan » Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:16 pm

150 PL narrative game out of CA - the stronghold assault break through game.
IW were a gunline plus a Typhon, with 2 4 ml havocs, 4 LC havocs, 50 cultists, 2x 5 CSM, one with LC, one with ML, 3 c beamer rapiers, 3 obliterators, a winged DP, a sorcerer, 2 Chaos Lords and a Warpsmith.

AM had a lot of tanks. Two tank commanders, a doomhammer, a malcador, a salamander, a basilisk, hydra, a few LRBT, and some chimera.

Turn one was minimal damage due to the dawn stratagem from AM, but IW drew first blood downing a Russ variant and putting wounds on the doomhammer.

Turn two the AM shooting was more powerful, and the tides shifted. The top deployment zone was compromised, but the doomhammer was killed.

Turn three IW shooting was effective, but AM took out the LC Havocs. Turn four the IW wiffed at shooting and turn 5 a chimera with 4 units inside made it off the table with IW shooting whiffing again.
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Re: AAR - Narrative from CA AM v IW

Postby Eisenfresser » Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:08 pm

Thanks for posting pictures Andrew.

The mission has an interesting deployment. I, the attacker, set up on one short edge and I'm trying to get to the far edge. The defender has three half-circle deployment zones each 12" in radius. One on each long edge and one centered on the far short edge.

I get points for securing deployment zones and getting units off the table. The defender gets points for holding deployment zones and killing my units.

As you might be able to tell from the pictures (which are in reverse order) that my strategy was to skew down one table edge to reduce the effectiveness of one of his deployments. I focused on the top deployment zones figuring that Helbrutes and Marines were easier to kill than the Typhon in cover. I didn't count on the flying demon prince on that side, but . . . otherwise it went well.

I closed on the north deployment zone while leaving my wyvern and annihilator to take on the south side. The wyvern lasted a few turns shooting the plague zombies around the Typon but without doing much. The Annihilator degraded the Typhon to the point that it didn't do much in the late game, but without ever taking it out.

Closing on the north side I charged the cultists with the Doomhammer and Bullgryns. The Doomhammer wiped them out - with the help of the Crush Them stratagem, and shooting. To the point that the bullgryns didn't have anyone left to attack. I should have multi-charged with them into the marines as well. The doomhammer consolidated into the Obliterators - they fell back the next turn, exposing the doomhammer, but at least they couldn't shoot.

Throughout this I was hammering the Havocs with my Leman Russes slowly grinding down their ability to take out my tanks.

The Demon Prince leapt out and charged my Enginseer. Killing him. Obviously. But then I was able to isolate it and shoot it dead.

Next turn my remaining infantry loaded back into the Chimera which made a break for the far end. The Iron Warriors shot the Chimera as much as they could but only got it down to 1 wound. And with Track Guards that didn't slow it down. Best damn upgrade.

My Armoured Sentinel didn't do much but absorbed an absurd amount of firepower and absolutely refused to take damage from small arms fire. Go armour!

After my Chimera made it off the board with 4 units inside: two officers, one grenadier squad and the last guy from another grenadier squad. The game was pretty much done at that point as I'd cleared and secured the north deployment zone and gotten a lot of points off the board.

Lots of fun.
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Re: AAR - Narrative from CA AM v IW

Postby Indy » Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:21 pm

Sounds like a good time!

Love the sound of this mission. ShootinPutin and I did a Chapter Approved mission just before xmas...the one where you can choose to "blow up" the Obj in your opponent's Deployment Zone for D3 extra points....and it was pretty darn fun. Say what you will about paying for points adjustments, but the missions in CA are definitely a welcome option.
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