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Space Tigers lore

Postby fiesta0618 » Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:53 am

The story of the Space Tigers is long, tangled, and difficult to unravel, but their clearest point of origin can be traced to the early years of the Badab War. In an event that soon came to be known as the Betrayal at Grief (906.M41), Astral Claws Chapter Master Lufgt Huron assassinated Red Scorpions Lord Commander Ortys under a flag of truce.

This was extremely troubling to the Astral Claws XVIII Company, known as “The Tigers,” led by Captain Kinaz Pedro. To him, it seemed to prove beyond all question that Huron was not fighting a righteous war. Tasked with guarding the Maelstrom-facing edge of the Magog Cluster, the XVIII Company bore the duty and title of Maelstrom Wardens much more seriously than most of their brethren; and to them, the conflict between Huron and the High Lords amounted to bureaucratic nonsense that only served to distract them from their solemn responsibilities. Captain Kinaz and his command staff privately agreed that the restrictions placed upon the Astral Claws were counterproductive to the fulfillment of their duty, but equally felt that infighting was still worse. They looked on in horror as their brothers slaughtered one another over administrative trifles.

By the time Huron recalled all companies to the defense of the Badab System in 913.M41, Kinaz’ inner circle had already set a plan in motion. Having quietly purged all Huron loyalists from the company’s ranks through administrative reassignment over the preceding seven years, the conspirators ordered their fleet Navigators to deliberately sabotage the warp jump to Badab. According to official Imperial records, the Astral Claws XVIII Company was lost in the warp, vanished without a trace.

Over the next decade, the XVIII company forged a new identity. Mindful of their proud heritage and duty, and regardless of Huron’s abandonment of it, they named themselves the Space Tigers, retained much of their heraldry, and darkened their gold and blue livery to orange and black. Secretly, they continued to fulfill their sworn duty as Maelstrom Wardens, protecting Imperial space against Chaos-born incursions in the southern reaches of Ultima Segmentum.

As of last reporting, the Space Tigers were listed as an under-strength, fleet-based chapter operating near the southern fringe of the Maelstrom, with a handful of successful minor campaigns to their credit, no notable battle honors, and a surprisingly sparse history. Of course, Imperial records are notoriously labyrinthine, so none in the Administratum have yet paid much attention to the lack of data.

The Space Tigers strive to adhere to the Codex, but the inescapable fact remains that they are a Chapter built from a single Company over the course of less than a century. As such, they currently maintain three partial-strength Battle Companies and one Scout Auxiliary. As of now there are no Reserve companies, and no Veteran Company, due to small numbers—instead, Veteran squads are scattered across the three Battle Companies.

The Space Tigers Armory, on the other hand, is ample. Among the worlds that they commonly patrol is Triplex Phall, a Forge World near the southern edge of the Maelstrom. A mutually beneficial treaty ensures that the Space Tigers are never wanting for war materiel, and Triplex Phall is never left undefended. As such, the Armory includes multiple Land Raiders and a surplus of Rhinos, and is carefully maintained by a remarkably large corps of Techmarines given the Chapter’s size.

The Blooding

In the Space Tigers chapter, a novice’s last test of worth before induction as a full Initiate is known as the Blooding. The aspiring Initiates take to battle under the watchful eye of the Chapter’s senior leadership—the Lord Captain, the Master of Arcane, the Master of Sanctity, and the Master of Recruits. Thrust into the very center of the conflict, those novices who acquit themselves well are raised as Initiates and given the honor of the Black Carapace. Those who falter—if they live—will be Blooded again and again until they prove themselves worthy. It is a grueling trial; to date only one Astartes has ever passed through the Blooding in his first battle, and without injury. But it ensures that the Chapter is comprised of only the sternest and most disciplined Brothers, and that Initiates are battle-ready from the moment they are raised.

The Five Tenets

Over the millennia, the Astral Claws had developed a belief that the Space Marines were set above humanity, and that common humans were no more than tools to be used and cast aside. In addition, their honorable title as Maelstrom Wardens instilled in them a conviction that, even among the Astartes, the Astral Claws were a race apart.

The leaders of the XVIII Company were convinced that this hubris is what ultimately led to Lufgt Huron’s downfall, and were determined to prevent this from ever happening again. And so Chaplain Staretz Ortan, who would later become the Master of Sanctity of the young Space Tigers chapter, penned Five Tenets by which every one of his brothers should govern himself. After the Company’s desertion and reformation as a Chapter, meditation upon these Tenets was formally included in the recruitment and initiation process.

The Five Tenets of the Space Tigers are:

Victory, without praise
Honor, without glory
Duty, without complaint
Service, without reward
Sacrifice, without remembrance

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Re: Space Tigers lore

Postby fiesta0618 » Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:56 am

Lord Captain Kinaz Pedro

Chapter Master, Space Tigers.
former Captain, Astral Claws XVIII Company

Kinaz Pedro’s long service on the edge of the Maelstrom firmly cemented in him a belief that the Ruinous Powers are the only force in the galaxy worth fighting, and that other races—even the wild and ferocious Orks—should only be opposed to the extent that they serve the interests of Chaos. This belief has only been strengthened by witnessing how his oldest and closest friend, Volsheb Varro, has struggled with the whispers of Chaos, despite being a proven loyal servant of the Emperor many times over. So while the Space Tigers largely adhere to the Codex, these experiences have led Kinaz to form alliances, fight for causes, and lead his men in ways that other Chapter Masters would deem strange.

Within the Chapter, Kinaz is hailed as the consummate warrior. His men recognize him as a tactician and strategist without peer; a fighter of rare ability; and an extraordinarily inspiring leader. These traits, combined with the fact that the small size of the Chapter limits the scope of their operations, means that the Lord Captain nearly always leads from the field. Most often, he can be found at the very heart of the battle, watching over a group of novices being Blooded, and directing his soldiers from the vanguard.

Outside the Chapter, however, few note Kinaz’ acumen. Unlike most Chapter Masters, he is quick to downplay the scope of his victories, and is careful to make them appear as mundane and workmanlike as possible. In part, this is due to the deliberate, introspective humility of the Chapter’s philosophy; but more importantly, this is a guise designed to deflect attention. After the Badab War, the surviving Astral Claws had been condemned Excommunicate Traitoris, and put to the sword, and it is doubtful that an additional charge of desertion would redeem the Space Tigers if their lineage were ever discovered.

Master of Arcane Volsheb Varro

Chief Librarian, Space Tigers
former Epistolary Adjunct, Astral Claws XVIII Company

Volsheb Varro met Kinaz Pedro when both were novices in the VI Scout Auxiliary, and the two formed a lasting bond that persisted through unequal changes in rank, Varro’s induction into the Librarius, and the subsequent deployment of both Astartes to far-separated regions. Once Volsheb achieved the rank of Epistolary, with the limited autonomy that that entails, he requested assignment to Kinaz’ company and immediately became the Captain’s foremost advisor. He was one of the main conspirators in the scheme to desert the Astral Claws.

Though Volsheb is only an average warrior on the battlefield and an uninspiring field commander, his skills in the strategium are unmatched among the Space Tigers, save by Lord Captain Kinaz himself. But his curiosity and scholarly aptitude are greater still--sometimes even to his detriment. In one notable incident during his early years as a Lexicanum in the Astral Claw’s Librarium, he self-taught himself enough of the forgotten Senkit language to read one of the forbidden tracts in the archive’s central sanctum. He only managed to read one page before he was caught and censured, but that was enough; the lore had opened his mind to an unheard-of level of psychic potential, and he has ever after been acutely aware of the whispers of Chaos.

His newfound ability quickly catapulted him to the rank of Codicier, and only his otherwise limited battle service prevented Volsheb from immediately rising to the rank of Epistolary. After the desertion of the XVIII Company, he was the natural choice to serve as Master of Arcane.

Despite his wisdom and ability, Volsheb’s unnatural attunement to the Warp is extremely fraught. Many times, he has wavered on the edge of damnation; fortunately, he has never yet fallen over the brink.

Master of Recruits Jordi

Captain, Space Tigers Scout Auxiliary

Jordi is the only Space Tiger to ever be raised to Initiate in his first Blooding, without taking so much as a superficial injury. Widely regarded as the finest hand-to-hand fighter in the Chapter, It is unsurprising that he quickly rose to the rank of Captain. What is surprising is that Jordi only accepted the commission on the condition that he be given the responsibilities of the Master of Recruits, so as to work directly with the novices himself.

So great is Jordi’s mastery of the battle arts, and so great is his dedication to the Chapter, that he leads the novices by extreme example. He eschews the Power Armor and personal luxuries grated to Initiates, limiting himself to only the armor, equipment and support available to the Scout auxiliaries. He is living proof that a warrior is far more than just his wargear.

Since Jordi has assumed command of the novices, the quality of the Scout auxiliary has noticeably risen. Though injuries are still commonplace, very few novices are killed outright in the Blooding. Furthermore, fully half of all Initiates are raised after only two or three Bloodings. And most interestingly, the group of novices undergoing the Blooding are frequently recognized as the lynchpin of the battlefield, and so many Initiates are raised having already won a significant battle-honor.

Sergeant “Lucky” Udacha

Sergeant, Space Tigers III Company, 7th Squad “Oculus”
former Sergeant, Astral Claws XVIII Company, 7th Squad “Oculus”

Udacha is the III company’s most decorated soldier. On the face of things, this is quite strange; he is an indecisive leader, a journeyman in the weapons of war, and not possessing of unusual courage or intelligence. What he does have, in ample quality, is the Emperor’s blessing. He regularly accomplishes by accident that which greater heroes merely aspire to; hence his much-hated nickname, “Lucky.”

The examples are legion. For example, in 997.M40, he single-handedly struck down the Seneschal of a heretical Knightly House, after his squad had been cut off from the main force .

As Udacha tells it, he merely tripped, and in catching his fall his powerfist damaged a piston in the war machine’s ankle. The stuck piston caused the Knight to misstep; unable to catch itself, it fell hard on a jagged stony outcrop, and the sharp impact proved too much for the reactor casing, which had been heavily damaged by a hail of Lascannon fire.

Nobody can corroborate his story, however, as he was the only member of Squad Oculus who was both conscious at the time and survived the event. The strategium records showed only Squad Oculus, severely under-strength, encountering the signature of a Knight Seneschal, and the war machine and most of the squad vanishing in a massive heat bloom emblematic of a reactor overload—a clear example of selfless, noble heroism. Accordingly, Udacha was granted the first of his Imperial Laurels, despite his protests.

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Re: Space Tigers lore

Postby Anacrucis » Sat Jul 22, 2017 9:45 am

Brian this is what I was vaguely remembering and mentioning to you the other day when I said I had read something else about space tigers:
From IA Index: Forces of the Adeptus Astartes.
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