Legends of the Deathpack - Hive Fleet Kraken's return

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Legends of the Deathpack - Hive Fleet Kraken's return

Postby Sandtiger » Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:18 pm

This was something I wrote and never got around to finishing. I wrote it overnight between Game 1 and 2 of my match with MWG Matt, and it was going to accompany the battle reports there but I was too discouraged after losing twice to go back and finish it properly. Treat it as a legendary story of could-have-beens. ;)

Hive Fleet Kraken's Return

In the Fenris system, times had been busy of late. Brynjolf Icefang, Wolf Guard Battle Leader of the Drakeslayers Great Company, had been enormously active in his role, pushing back Chaos wherever his liege could find it. Krom had been in many meetings with the Grey Knights recently, however, and despite all ongoing efforts to stem the tide of warp rifts, daemons simply would not stop appearing on the planet. The Daemonettes that had been appearing for the last few months were a particular nuisance, and a large number of Screamers were still ravaging a number of islands.

This news though... This was something very personal. He stared at Hjalmar, willing it not to be true.

"My lord? What are your orders?"

Brynjolf growled, containing his fury, and stood up. This would NOT be allowed. "Collect the Thunderwolves, Hjalmar. Tyranids are not going to be allowed to have my home city. I will inform our Wolf Lord." He gave Hjalmar a predatory grin. "Apparently it's a good day for a hunt."

"At once, sir." Hjalmar bowed and left.

Brynjolf stabbed at his vox.

"Captain Seaway, please open a secure line to Vengeful Howl. Priority level alpha. I need to speak with Wolf Lord Dragongaze at once. Patch it through to my personal quarters."

Soon, a beep sounded on his communications array, and a hologram of Krom's face appeared before him. He looked worn. The fighting on Fenris had taken its toll on every level of command, and the lines on Krom's face looked engraved in stone. He rarely smiled anymore.

"What's happened?"

"I don't know how this got through our sensors but there is a Tyranids colony growing near a small city. It must have snuck through amid all the warp activity. It's going to be at stage two by the time we arrive. Krom... It's Krysuvik. And according to our scouts, they sound a lot like the Hive Fleet Kraken that we helped eliminate in and around Ultramar. There are reports of a Swarmlord."

Krom's eye twitched. "That is indeed a problem, but you seem more perturbed than normal. Why are you this concerned over this particular city?"

"Lord, do you remember where Wolf Priest Jorundur found me?"

"Ah. I see now. Yes, your home is an important thing to protect. Go, do what you can, with my blessings. I'm on my way back still, but I will join you when I can. Good hunting."

"Thank you, sir. See you soon."

Brynjolf fastened the sheath of his Krakenbone blade to his hip, the one he had had ever since killing the last member of a group of Hive Guard. It had killed many members of his pack first, but he had been extremely lucky. "Time to hunt some 'Nids," he growled.


Postgame - Game One

"I couldn't stop them."

Brynjolf's sword and body were covered in blood, much of it not his. He was breathing heavily as he stood at rigid attention before Krom's steel gaze.

"They brought a massive wave of small creatures that bogged everything down long enough to make sure they could get what they needed. It was like wading through mud. By the time we reached the center of the city they had already started massacring everything in sight."

"Hrothgar sacrificed himself for me. The Swarmlord crushed my mount under its blades, and he threw himself at it to get its attention. He screamed at me to run, to make sure you knew what happened and to avenge him and the others."

"His saga will be remembered," Krom said. "Who else lived?"

"Bjorn still lives, as does Hjalmar and Ranulf. Their packs will need reinforcements. Leif and Arnstein fell in the fighting. We both slew and lost many. In the end, the city was overrun."

The two warriors stared at each other. Krom drew a deep breath.

"Well, this was never going to be easy. I have seen the reports from others as well. Hrothgar did the right thing, making sure you lived. We will obviously have to take the city back."

"Yes, lord. I recognize my mistake and will correct it."

"We attack them again at dawn," said Krom. "Be ready."

"I will."

Game 2: http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/Ty ... trep-Ep-20 (You need a Vault membership to watch this)