Archive Rules - Please *READ THIS* Before Posting!!!

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Archive Rules - Please *READ THIS* Before Posting!!!

Postby Memento » Mon Dec 19, 2016 10:05 am

Welcome to the Grimdark Archives, the place where we can build campaign narrative and share army lore. While all the other sub-forums on the Grimdark Gaming message board are under the usual forum rules (stay on topic, no spamming, be polite, etc...) the Archives have a few stricter policies. We want to encourage collaboration in the creation of a shared narrative for the club and our games. But we do want to put the following rules into place to respect the the authors of the works found in the Archives as well as to protect against narrative convolution, disjointed continuity, and canon confusion:

1) Be respectful of other people's works. If an author requests no one add or comment in a specific thread, please make a new thread to post comments or questions.

2) Be respectful of other people's ideas. Please refrain from creating derivative works using another author's work without their approval or collaboration.

3) Club officers (or their designated loremasters) reserve the right to modify, retcon, or otherwise appropriate bits and pieces of ongoing narratives in order to facilitate future events but will always first seek the permission of original authors where appropriate.