Reaper launcher on Eldar Autarch

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Reaper launcher on Eldar Autarch

Postby glabrous3 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:42 pm

I am seeing a few army builds on line where the autarch has a reaper launcher. This comes from an index apparently. I want to know if I can do this in a game legally.

Thanks for answering my noob question.

P. S. For The love of god I hope I can put a Reaper launcher on an Autarch.
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Re: Reaper launcher on Eldar Autarch

Postby PlaguemasterFlex » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:29 pm

Yes this is totally legal. GW put out a weird flowchart to follow, it's in the Designer's Commentary which is linked here: ... y_en-1.pdf

It's the last page of that document. Basically if you have old wargear options you can use the index to take them, but you use the current rules for those wargear options. The Autarch is one model that is almost always run with index wargear options. It's pretty common to see him on a bike (Autarch Skyrunner) with a Fusion Gun, Laser Lance, and Banshee Mask. Of course you can always run it with the Reaper Launcher instead if you want, and give him the Mark of the Incomparable Hunter so he can snipe characters.

They only release Codex entries for current range models, so the ones they cut you usually have to kitbash (or find an old discontinued model in some cases). But with the commentary they're allowing you to use "legacy" units essentially.