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3/4 Ordo Xenos Bash+Custodes vs Eldar pictures

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:01 am
by MrScotty
A couple weeks ago, Eric and I had a great game between the increasingly gorgeously painted Genestealer Cult and a pretty crazy ordo xenos inquisition list. Our mission had Eric's troops spawning cult tunnels/hives whenever they used their Cult Ambush ability, and trying to protect them until the end of the game for 3 points each, while the forces of the inquisitor tried to burn the tunnels for a point apiece. Notable events throughout the course of the game were the Patriarch arriving to tear the inquisitor in half, Medic Povolich Vlevchenko spending four turns trying and failing to revive Guardsmen Iosolvich after he died tragically to a direct hit from a battlecannon, and the sisters of silence completely outperforming everything else on the board to tie up the game 16-16 right at the end.

I also grabbed some photos of Anthony and Tyranidlord's game because their map setup was so awesome with their painted models.