12/31/17: Lamenters vs Dark Eldar Realspace Raid Mission

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12/31/17: Lamenters vs Dark Eldar Realspace Raid Mission

Postby MrScotty » Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:58 am


Plying the void in their self-induced exile following the outbreak of the Badab war, the Lamenters' fleet received a priority distress signal from the industrial rim world of Falsaspero. Xenos raiders had been hitting the world in a series of lightning raids, disappearing with thousands of citizens every night for months. Only a small population of several hundred thousand souls remained, clustered around the industrial complex that once was the center of the planet's booming economy.

Their saving grace thusfar had been an ancient automated system designed for suppressing worker riots and preventing escapes surrounding the facility. When triggered, in a matter of minutes the shantytowns and ruins around the main plant would be flooded with deadly nerve gas. Despite the long start-up time, it still covered a wide enough area that no human would be capable of running through on foot. Unfortunately, for that reason it had provided only partial protection against the Drukhari raiders, who could still capture a sizable number of the cowering civilians before disappearing into the webway.

Knowing the next raid was imminent, the Lamenters arranged for the remaining population to escape to the safety of the orbiting battle barges, escorted by the chapter's warriors. All would go with the astartes: either they would escape to safety or accept the fate that so many of the civilians hiding in the facility already had, a comparatively swift death by the poisonous gas.


The mission uses Dawn of War deployment. Before sides are chosen, mark 2 6" diameter circles along the centerline of the board, the center of each one 12" from the short edge of the board. These are the transport beacons of the Lamenters' fleet. After table sides are chosen but before deployment, the Lamenters player places 8 objective markers representing groups of civilians on the board in their deployment zone. Deployment then proceeds normally with the player finishing first receiving +1 to the roll to see who will go first.


Civilians can be attached to a unit within 2" coherency of them during any part of the movement phase. An Attached civilian may then be moved by the player controlling them. If they leave coherency for any reason, they are considered to be unattached and do not move. Civilians can only move a maximum of 6" during any movement phase.

Attached civilians can be passed off to another unit belonging to the controlling player at any point of the movement phase (this does not allow them to move farther than 6"). If a civilian is attached to a unit that does not have the Objective Secured rule, an enemy unit with the Objective Secured rule may seize them by moving within 2" during their movement phase.

At the end of turn 5, any civilians attached to Drukhari units and not within the transport beacons are worth 2 points to the Drukhari player. Any civilians not within the beacons and attached to Space Marine units are worth 1 point to the Space Marine player. Any civilians within the beacons are worth 3 points to the Space Marine player.

Mission Special Rules:

Dawn Assault: Turn 1 all models subtract 1 from all hit rolls, advance rolls, and charge rolls.

Tactical Uplink: Once per turn, any Space Marine HQ unit beginning their turn unengaged and within a transport beacon may choose to forgo their turn to receive a tactical uplink from the fleet. The Marine player gains 2CP.

Into the Webway (3CP): At the beginning of the turn, the Drukhari player may use this stratagem to remove a unit from the game. At the end of the movement phase of his next turn, they are put back into play more than 9" from any enemy unit, at the unit's starting strength.


Lamenters Battalion

HQ: Librarian Dreadnought
HQ: Captain with Jump Pack relic
HQ: Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack
HQ: Lamenters Chapter Master Malakim Foros
Troops: 5x Scouts, 4x sniper rifles 1x rocket launcher
Troops: 10x tactical marines with 2 flamers
Troops: 10x tactical marines with 1 flamer and plasma pistol sergeant
Transport: Rhino
Transport: Rhino
Heavy Support: Land Raider with Lascannons/HBs
Fast Attack: Furioso Dread
Fast Attack: 10x Death Company with 2x Power Fists
Elites: 5x Tactical Terminators with fists

Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar Brigade

HQ: Succubus with glaive and blast pistol
HQ: Archon with Huskblade and Parasites Kiss
HQ: Haemonculus with Stinger Pistol and Electrocorrosive Whip
Troops: 10x Wyches with 3x Hydras
Troops: 5x Wyches with shardnet
Troops: 5x Kabalites with Blaster
Troops: 5x Kabalites with Blaster
Troops: 5x Wracks with Ossefactor and Hexrifle/Electrocorrosive
Troops: 20x Kabalites with 2x Shredders 2x Splinter Cannons
Transport: Venom with 2x Cannons
Transport: Raider with lance
Transport: Raider with Lance
Transport: Raider with Disintegrator
Elites: Lhamean
Elites: Sslyth
Elites: Sslyth
Fast Attack: 5x Hellions
Fast Attack: 5x Hellions
Fast Attack: 5x Scourges with 4x Dark Lances
Heavy Support: Ravager with 3x Dark Lances
Heavy Support: Talos with twin Splinter Rifles and 2 Cleavers
Heavy Support: Cronos with Spirit Vortex

Deployment: The civilians are grouped in two clusters of four, as close as possible to the beacons. One group is accompanied by a librarian dreadnought and a Furioso dreadnought, the other by the land raider full of death company, scouts, and both tactical squads in rhinos. The jump pack HQs and Terminators are hanging in reserve waiting to support where needed. The Haemonculus and his monstrous creations take up position behind a building opposite the dreadnoughts, and the bulk of the Kabal arrays to face the marine armored column. The 20x warriors, hellions, and scourges wait in the webway for the right time to strike.

Despite the marines' +1 to the roll, the Dark Eldar win first turn and the marines fail to seize. The Dark Eldar converge all available firepower (hindered by the Dawn Assault rule) on one of the marines' rhinos, destroying it but causing few other casualties. Otherwise, transports move into midfield to prepare for the assault but besides maneuvering not much else happens.
The marines respond by beginning to shepherd the civilians forward. the furioso dreadnought advances up, reaching the transport beacon ahead of the civilians and the librarian dread, and he receives the Quickening and Shield of Sanguinius power. The tactical marines knocked out of their rhino take up the civilians on the left flank, taking cover behind a building (we ruled all terrain in this mission to use the Statuary rule as opposed to Ruins, allowing models to take cover behind things as opposed to only inside them). Lascannons from the land raider and a missile from the scouts take a hefty chunk off of one Raider transport, putting it down to 4 wounds remaining from 10.
Turn 2, the Dark Eldar launch their first attack. Wyches and their Succubus erupt from the damaged raider, accompanied by an aerial drop of Hellions to assault the marine front lines. Their raider plows into the tactical marine squad to soak up overwatch, but the wyches fail their charge against them, only making it into the rhino in front of them. They manage to deal 6 wounds to the rhino in total, but the Raider is punched to death by the bare fists of the tactical marines thanks to the Red Thirst rule and a nearby sanguinary priest, causing them to wound the raider on 3s. The Furioso dreadnought is brought low by a charge from the entire freakish managerie of the haemonculus, but he interrupts after the first round of attacks failed to finish him off, leaving the Cronos pain engine with a single wound and the Talos with four. The land raider is tied up by the Hellions, who charge to prevent it from shooting on its turn.
The marines' tactical squad, drunk off of their victory tearing apart the Raider, plow into the wyches in combat but find them a somewhat more formidable set of opponents. the wych squad is reduced down to 4 members and the marines down to a single veteran sergeant. Meanwhile, the second tactical squad continues their valiant effort to reach the transport beacons. The Hellions are very momentarily surprised by ten screaming Deathwatch marines erupting from every hatch on the Land Raider, and Malakim Phoros himself enters the field, supporting the combat against the wyches but he is separated from his loyal veteran sergeant by massive casualty removal on both sides. The librarian dreadnought sheathes his force halberd in a lambent glow of psychic energy after directing the huddled mass of civilians to stand close behind him, and sweeps aside the pair of pain engines attending the sinister haemonculus. on the other side of the battlefield, a unit of terminators and a marine captain make the drop, damaging the Ravager and bringing it down to 5 wounds, but fail to destroy the vehicle.
The arrogant masterminds of the Drukhari attack sneer at Malakim's heroic challenge to single combat, and pile on the chapter master with the Archon, two Sslyth mercenaries, and the wych cult succubus. The final transport unloads a hideous pack of Wracks and 5 more wyches, who assault the remaining tactical squad and reduce it as well to a heroic Lamenters veteran sergeant. Massed dark lance fire from all directions pierces through the Librarian dreadnought, who finally crumples to the ground, leaving the terrified group of civilians he died defending helpless against the machinations of the evil haemonculus.
The marines, desperate to save their flank, commit all their available troops to close combat, with the Death Company contributing the lion's share to the carnage. The Lost account for another Raider transport, the wracks, and the five-man wych squad in its entirety, barreling suicidally towards the drukhari lines leaving torn bodies in their wake. Malakim is brought from the brink of death by his sanguinary priest, and the pair of them combine their attacks to kill the Succubus. Finally, though desperately outnumbered, the single veteran sergeant manages to kill three of the four wyches he is in combat with, rolling perfectly with all his attacks. He is killed by the remaining Hekatrix, but she immediately beats a retreat afterwards, disappearing into the webway after failing her morale check.
The dark eldar wheel around to attack the terminators and death company, with one flank fully secure. Once again Malakim survives on his final wound and kills both Sslyth. The Death company and tactical marine squad are both taken to a single surviving member.

With just one dark eldar turn remaining, the Marines now have a chance to secure the win. Only an objective secured unit can steal away a unit of civilians in the movement phase from a non-obsec unit, and the tactical marine squad has a single veteran sergeant left. With his final effort, he shepherds the civilians into range of the transport beacon, while the sole death company survivor destroys the Venom transport with his powerfist. Malakim falls in combat, but not before destroying the Shadowfield protecting the dark eldar archon, who now turns to face the sanguinary priest.

the dark eldar are unable to secure the remaining half of the hive world's population, but a hail of splinter fire kills the heroic sergeant and the last death company member. The archon takes the sanguinary priest to a single wound in a battle that is bloody for both combantants - he himself is left with only two wounds remaining.

Finally, the sanguinary priest kicks away his opponent, his duties to the chapter far more pressing than the honor of a duel to the death. He seizes the injured master of his chapter and engages his jump pack, disappearing to the safety of the fleet along with all the civilians and the land raider. As to the less fortunate half of the civilian population, they were never seen again, led single file into the webway by the eerie puppeteer Haemonculus. They would pay with their flesh for the loss of his precious engines of pain, and soon they would become his greatest work of art yet...
with four civilians evacuated, the marines win 12-8, a hard fought victory won by individual heroes on the field.
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Re: 12/31/17: Lamenters vs Dark Eldar Realspace Raid Mission

Postby spruter » Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:51 am

Thanks, for the writeup! This was fun to read, and a very fun game to play. It was a very close game. If there was another round the Lamenters would've been overrun.
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Re: 12/31/17: Lamenters vs Dark Eldar Realspace Raid Mission

Postby Sandtiger » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:30 pm

Sounds like an awesome game!