12/17/17: Admech vs Guard

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12/17/17: Admech vs Guard

Postby MrScotty » Mon Dec 18, 2017 10:58 am

For our game this week, Steven and I worked together to create a dynamic mission tailored around our two armies, and it worked out great! It was great to see my new Admech models in action, and hopefully this will provide the motivation for me to finish painting them up and complete the project.

The Mission

We decided our two armies were forces from rival forgeworlds fighting over a recovery facility for a recently discovered STC template. A fortified area had been created in the center which neither army would dare to harm, and surrounding the main site were four datalink pylons which could be used to transmit supplementary information on the STC to the ships in orbit or used selfishly by the commander on the ground to gain a tactical edge.

Holding the central objective (an indestructible Void Shield Generator which benefitted both players) would be worth 3VP at the end of a player's turn, and holding each pylon was worth either 1CP or 1VP, player's choice. We decided on corner deployment to allow each player to start with 1 pylon and start the fighting off over the remaining two. At the end of turn 5, the game would be over, and in this mission Tabling was not a guaranteed victory - the deaths of a few humans or destruction of a few machines of war are nothing compared to the impossible wealth and glory of the acquisition of an STC!

The Game Board

Since both our armies included a large number of vehicles, we decided that the bulk of the terrain should use the "statuary" rule rather than having most of it be Ruins, which block movement for vehicles but can almost never provide Cover. We paired that with a bunch of line of sight blocking rocks and a ring of barricades surrounding the VSG and we had a battlefield where positioning felt like it really mattered, despite the shooty nature of both of our armies.

The Armies

Steven ran his usual mix of Tallarn elite infantry and tanks, with four leman Russes (two commmanders), a Hellhound, a Taurox with a commander and command squad, a Medusa siege tank, a Chimera with Bullgryns, a Priest, and Crusaders, and a wyvern and converted plasma cannon armored sentinel.

I brought two Battalion detachments, one of Forgeworld Sygies and one of Forgeworld Lucius in an attempt to bring the least static-gunline-y admech possible. I had my favorite unit, three Sydonian dragoons, along with pretty much one of everything else in the codex. Several of my units were Forgeworld's Mechanicum 30k range run as their closest 40k equivalents.

The Game

Steven got the +1 to the roll for first turn and won, moving out aggressively to claim the central objective and both unclaimed pylons thanks to speedy speedy Tallarn things.I had used the Stygies stratagem to infiltrate my Sydonian Dragoons up close to his lines, and he committed the plasma from his leman russ commander and a second russ punisher to try and take them out, but only succeeded in killing one dragoon and leaving the other at half HP. Having not managed to deal out a ton of damage, Steven opted to take 3 Command Points instead of Victory Points for his pylons, putting the score at 3-0 since he also held the central objective.

I responded by dropping the Skitarii I had held in Deep Strike down to take back one of the pylons steven had claimed. I attempted to drop a second squad down and charge into combat with a tank to get enough obsec bodies onto the central objective to take it, but they failed their roll. one of my Onagers rolled boxcars for damage against Steven's warlord tank and killed him in a single shot, and the Dragoons lanced the Punisher russ to death, so though I only got two pylons (took Victory Points for both) the battle went extremely well in terms of casualties inflicted. Score 3-2, still Steven's favor.

Steven's assault troops jumped out of their chimera (which had miraculously survived with a single wound) and charged into the 20 skitarii and my Techpriest Dominus warlord, leaving only two plasma gunners alive and the warlord surrounded in combat with Bullgryn. The sole survivor of the pylon I had taken back, an IG company Commander with a plasma pistol and power maul, also managed to single handedly wipe out the electropriest unit which had killed his whole contingent of troops. The gunline took down another Dragoon in an attempt to prevent them from claiming the second contested pylon, which was held only by an armored sentinel. Still on the central objective and still claiming CP for his pylons, the score was now 6-2.

Three skitarii rangers sprinted out of position to claim the central objective, but I stupidly took the last wound off the chimera sitting on it and it blew up like a champ, denying me the three points.This turn marked the beginning of the great Battle Of The Robochickens, in which my last dragoon would chase his armored sentinel around the pylon trying to kill it so I could take the point. For the rest of the game. Again I scored the two pylons I owned, and again I chose Victory Points over Command Points. Score 6-4.

Running low on tanks and under fire from the Onagers, Steven positioned his units holding the central objective hugging it in such a way that I would not have Line of Sight with both onagers on a single target. The bullgryns in combat hacked my warlord to pieces and piled into his Kataphron Breacher buddies, taking one down to 1 wound. Shooting units concentrated on killing my unit of Sicarian Infiltrators which had dropped in to menace the pylon in Steven's deployment zone. This time, Steven chose 1 Victory Point for his remaining pylon. Score 10-4.

My Onager pulled another bonkers damage roll out of a hat and one-shot the medusa tank, and I pulled out of combat with the Bullgryns to wipe out them and the priest attending them. Finally, I manage to get some obsec bodies on that objective in the middle, scoring 5 VPs with my two pylons as well. Score 10-9

The final turn, steven flamed the models holding the objective with his hellhound one last time, and pulled out of combat with the dragoon to continue the Chicken Battle one final round. Score 14-9

My two Onagers and surviving Kastelan robot combined their fire on the Hellhound and knocked it out, and I ran a Techpriest up to take the objective. The Hellhound exploded, leaving the techpriest with a single wound, but the Armored Sentinel also managed to evade my Dragoon's attacks one final turn, leaving the score tied 14-14.
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Re: 12/17/17: Admech vs Guard

Postby Sandtiger » Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:14 am


Battle of the Robochickens: Tilting at Windmills
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Re: 12/17/17: Admech vs Guard

Postby Eisenfresser » Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:11 pm

This was an awesome game. Thanks Scott!
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