Genestealer Cult vs Emperor's Children battle report

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Genestealer Cult vs Emperor's Children battle report

Postby MrScotty » Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:56 am

I recently got a chance to play a 2000 point game against Kenji's gorgeous Emperor's Children army. We played 2000 points matched play, with a mission using the Open war deck. Our mission this game was The Comet - on turn 3, an objective would land in the center of one of the table quarters, or the center of the board, and whoever controlled it at the end of the game would be the winner. Our deployment map gave us the entire half of the board to play with, divided lengthwise, and we drew a Twist called Set Piece Battle, essentially reverting Deployment and who goes first to how it worked in 7th edition. Kenji won the roll off, so he deployed his whole army first, and would go first unless I seized the initiative.

Kenji's army featured two battalion detachments:

Detachment 1: Emperor's Children

HQ: Chaos Sorceror with Force Staff
HQ: Chaos Lord with special relic "Blissgiver"
Troops: 5x Noise Marines with 1 Blastmaster
Troops: 5x Noise Marines with 1 Blastmaster
Troops: 20x Noise Marines with 2 Blastmasters
Fast Attack: 3x Chaos Bikers with Melta Guns
Heavy Support: 5x Havocs with Lascannons
Heavy Support: 5x Havocs with Lascannons
Heavy Support: 2x Maulerfiends with Grapples

Detachment 2: Slaanesh Daemons

HQ: The Masque of Slaanesh
HQ: Herald of Slaanesh
Troops: 10x Daemonettes
Troops: 10x Daemonettes
Troops: 10x Daemonettes

Kenji deployed his troops with a large backline of the small noise marine squads and lascannons, and then placed the large unit of noise marines and the chaos HQs on one flank, and the daemonettes and their HQs on the other.

My army was a battalion detachment of Genestealer Cult and a Spearhead detachment of Imperial Guard

HQ: Cult Iconward
HQ: Genestealer Patriarch
HQ: Primus
Troops: 20x Acolytes with 4x heavy melee weapons, cult banner, and cult leader with lashwhip and bonesword
Troops: 16x Neophytes with shotguns, 2x flamers, cult banner, and leader with power pick and web pistol
Troops: 10x Neophytes with autoguns, 2x Mining Lasers and 2x Grenade Launchers
Elites: 4x Aberrants with hammers
Elites: 11x Genestealer Purestrains
Heavy Support: GOliath Rockgrinder with Heavy Seismic Cannon
Transport: Chimera with heavy flamer and multilaser
Transport: Chimera with heavy flamer and multilaser
Fast Attack: Scout Sentinel with Heavy Flamer

Guard detachment:

HQ: Tank Commander with battletank and lascannon
Heavy Support: Leman Russ with battletank and lascannon
Heavy Support: HWT with 3x Mortars
Heavy Support: HWT with 3x Mortars

Knowing I would be likely going second, I deployed to preserve my army as much as possible. My rockgrinder and Tank Commander took up position in cover in a ruin, the second tank behind an Imperial Statue, and my two chimeras and Sentinel out of line of sight from the two lascannon squads, in the hopes that lascannons firing at leman russ tanks in cover wouldn't be too damaging.

Turn 1, Genestealers steal the initiative. Rather than trying to support a cult ambush from a very defensive position, I opt to try and use my shooting to take out a couple of noise marines from the big squad while they don't have any infantry targets to use their dying attack on. 5 noise marines go down and they return only 2 wounds onto my chimera, and the leman russes get one of the Maulerfiends to below half HP to slow him down.

Emperor's Children turn 1, combined firepower from blastmasters and lascannons takes out the Leman Russ tank. The Noise Marines get the Prescience buff power and use a stratagem to fire twice in order to finish it off, also taking the chimera containing the purestrain genestealers down to 4 wounds and the chimera containing the neophytes down to 5. Daemonettes advance aggressively up the board, to be in combat with my mortar teams and neophytes next turn.

Genestealer Cult turn 2, ambushers arrive. Both squads wind up with a 4, and the Acolytes and Primus pop up behind the backline lascannons and noise marines while the shotgunners ambush into a ruin behind the backmost squad of daemonettes. The mortars and shotguns take the backmost squad of Daemonettes down to 3 and they fail their morale and flee, and the chimera moves to try and body block the bikers and other daemonette squads from getting close. Aberrants, Genestealers, Patriarch, Chimera, Sentinel, and Rockgrinder all charge into the Chaos Lord and the large noise marine squad, killing all but 5 noise marines and piling into the chaos sorceror. The Acolytes and shotgunners fail their charge, but the primus gets into a squad of noise marines and kills four before getting killed by the squad sergeant.

Emperor's Children turn 2, with the noise marines and sorceror surrounded and unable to fall back, the Children focus on what they can shoot at. All 20 acolytes go down to a combination of noise marine shooting and daemonette charging. The melta bikers close into the chimera and it explodes, taking all but one biker down with it and wounding everything else on that flank. Lascannons heavily damage the rockgrinder and kill the remaining chimera in the hopes of exploding it, but no luck. One maulerfiend plows into the genestealers, and the unit gets taken down to 5, but the aberrants finish off the noise marines and the patriarch kills the Sorceror to leave combat.

Genestealer Cult turn 3, the comet comes down...directly into the genestealer cult controlled table corner. the Shotgun Johnnies charge out of their building hideout and shoot the masque of slaanesh to death before charging the herald and killing her as well. The patriarch kills 3 members of a lascannon squad, leaving the remaining 1 lascannon and sergeant alive. The genestealers and aberrants kill the remaining maulerfiend, which explodes and kills about half of them.

Emperor's Children turn 3, lascannons kill the rockgrinder and sentinel, and the last lascannon from the other squad rolls just short of the 5 or 6 it wouldve needed to one-shot the patriarch and leaves him with one wound. The last daemonette squad goes down swinging, taking out half the shotgunners and then another quarter of them through morale. But with no good way to contest the objective, which will be held by the last mortar squad popping out and grabbing it turn 5, Kenji concedes at the bottom of turn 3.

Overall, I think this was a really good matchup of armies, Emperor's Children have some great rules but they come with a lot of ways to play around them as well, and I've finally figured out how the genestealer cult works in 8th. Another thing I found was that playing with more LOS blocking terrain made the game a lot more tactical and interesting, with both players able to use the table to affect charges and firing lanes, and not having the usual turn 1 bloodbath of both armies' shooting units just hosing each other down.
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