Brief batrep: Orks vs Nurgle twist ending

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Brief batrep: Orks vs Nurgle twist ending

Postby WaaaghDynasty » Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:12 pm

Hey all- just a quick batrep on a recent 2000 point game @ Alpha Omega Hobby:

Warboss on a Bike with a Power Klaw
Weirdboy with "Da Jump" (Teleport power)
Big Mek with Kustom Force Field
3 skuads of 30 Boyz, each with a Power Klaw Nob
15 Stormboyz with a PK Nob
5 Killa Kans backed by a Banner Nob
2 Deff Dreads
Battlewagon with 10 Tankbustas

2 Daemon Princes, one with Summon, the other with a (*&huge sword
2 Squads of 5 Plague Marines, each in a Rhino
4 Havok Missile Launchers and a Sarge
25 Cultists

We roll off for the game with 2 Objectives- at the end of the game each one grants 3 points to whoever's holding it. I plunk 30 Boyz on my objective, he plunks 25 cultists on his. Good to go!

Turn 1
Stormboyz charge to get 3 wounds on the Heldrake and everyone else moves forward. The Tankbustas focus fire on the Forgefiend and bring it down to half wounds. One skuad of 30 boyz uses the Weirdboy to teleport next to the cultists, but fail their charge.
Turn 1 whole board.jpg
Daemons counter by summoning 20-30 Daemonettes to clog up the middle of the board. Heldrake falls back and smokes some Boyz (especially the Stormboyz, who are wiped), everyone else focuses fire on the Boyz flanking in the rear, and a Cultist counter charge actually wipes them out after morale. Ouch.
Turn 1 Telly port.jpg
Turn 1 Cultists counter charge.jpg
Turn 2
All Walkers and the Battlewagon charge the Daemonettes in the center to try to wipe them before they can charge (doesn't work).
Turn 2 center scrum.jpg
The Daemons' counterattack is not pretty, and does great damage to the Killa Kanz. Forgefield is brought down, and the Heldrake charges the Deff Dread (revealed to be a big mistake as the Dread mauls it). New Daemonic beasts are summoned, but are unable to make the charge this turn.
Center scrum 1.jpg

Turn 3
Da Boyz finally get in a charge- backed by the Warboss and given a +1 to hit by the banner, their brutal offensive kills all the daemonettes, ties up the Warlord, and severely injures the stabby Daemon Prince.

For the remainder of the game, the battle between the Boyz and the 2 Princes/additional Daemons ties down the center line.
Center scrum 3.jpg
One squad of Plague Marines try to sweep around the long way to the objective (but will not play a part in the remaining battle), and the second holds the objective. Redeploying by stratagem, the Cultists attempt to get into the center scrum, but are tied down by a Deff Dread (both players are satisfied).
Dread and cultists.jpg
In turn 4, Chaos is winning by 1 (first blood + 3 points for objective), and the Warlord Daemon Prince swings around to charge the Warboss and Waaagh Banner carrier. The Big Mek and Weirdboy have been steadily moving back to the objective. Daemon prince allocates half his attacks to the banner (dead) and half to the Warboss (hangs on by 1 wound due to his Warlord Trait). surprisingly, the Warboss kills the Prince in return, tying up the game.
Endgame scrum.jpg
In turn 5, the Big Mek and Weirdboy reach the objective and teleport the ~20 remaining Boyz 9" away from the Plague Marines' objective- one successful charge later grants a decisive Ork victory in the last turn.
Surprise teleport charge.jpg
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