2k Tyranids vs Space Wolves Campaign Playtest

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2k Tyranids vs Space Wolves Campaign Playtest

Postby Draaen » Tue Feb 04, 2020 1:20 pm

So I ran my first play test of the campaign packet against Kenji. Here is a brief report and my thoughts. Feel free to chime in at the end Kenji with any observations. We played a 2k game my nids vs Kenjis space wolves.

Campaign Set Up Particulars
Tyranids started with 5 campaign Points
- 2 pts: Control the Pace of Battle - I got to choose the mission and whether I had deployment or initiative advantage
- 3 pts: Establish Ad:Hoc Emplacement - Regen Cps if I have a unit within cover of a ruins I decide upon.

Space Wolves did the Free Agents
- Special Character - Psyker got +1 Deny and +1 spell
- +3 Command Points
- Free Relic

Area: Ethereal Expanse
- Teleport between the "Eldar" Ruins
- Infantry can get a model revived if nearby in a forest

Mission: Gather Intel
- 6 objectives Turn 2 objective 2 disapears turn 3 3 etc. Gain one point at end of battle round for each objective held

- This was basically take the most expensive options on all the dudes to get to 2k for me.
- Custom Fleet - +1 to hit 1st turn, re-roll 1 miss if within 6" of synapse
Old One Eye
Hive Tyrant, Venom Cannon (3 shot relis), Death Spitters
Flying Hive Tyrant - 4 x devourers
6 x 3 Ripper Swarms
2 x Trygon Prime one had the relic adrenal glands
Haruspex - Murderous Size
Tyrannocite - 5++ save and double wound totals for brackets
Carnifex - 2 Scything Talons and all the upgrades

Space Wolves
Bjorn - Warlord
Smash Captain
Lt on thunderwolf
Lt with axe on foot
3 rune priests
2 long fangs squads one with missiles one with lascannons
3 Aggressors with bolt gauntlets
2 drop pods
5 man blood claws with power fist sarg in rhinos for days

we said two ruins would be the eldar ruins since we set up the map then were like oh yeah this is supposed to be a zone so we took the closest approximation.

I chose to have initiative advantage so I deployed my whole army first. Basically most of the objectives were on the right flank so I deployed heavily there ready for a fight. I put some monsters on the left flank on the ruin looking to teleport over turn. My trygon prime with the relic and a unit of rippers were placed in deep strike. Kenji deployed centrally to push in in the middle with his long range support in the central and back left ruins well out of any of my threat ranges. One unit of blood claws in a drop pod and an empty drop pod were left in deep strike. I gave Kenji turn one since I thought I could weather his fire and he may move into 18" of my tyrannocyte for the double shots. Also going second gave me amazing control of scoring.


Space Wolf Turn 1:
Wolves move forward and score some damge on the flying hive tyrant and the tyrannocyte.they get off their -1 to shoot aura.


Tyranid Turn 1:
Haruspex and Trygon prime teleport to the other side of the battlefield. The army moves more towards the right flank. Psychic powers fails to get onslaught off on the carnifex which advanced and takes wounds off of tanks. Shooting sees
aggressors die and the right most tank reduced to a single wound. Really wanted to charge the insides but oh well. Broodlord moved up with swarmies help and lined up the wounded rhino. Haruspex and broodlord charge in and destroy the rhino which explodes. 6 of the 10 Blood claws get out.


End of Round
Tyranids - 4 (3 Objectives First Strike)
Space Wolves - 2 (2 Objectives)
Field Position - Well I sacrificed my flying hive tyrant effectively. If I had gotten onslaught off I was going to move him back but I never cast that power lol. Kenji has lost some models which is good and I have good board control but he certainly can punch back and hard.

Space Wolf Turn 2:
Kenji Moves forward and deploys his drop pod on the back left objective. Psychic found his 3 psykers in shadow of the ward range and a new blood of baal stratagem meant any fails while within 12" of the hive tyrant would cause D3 wounds so the phase was slightly abbreviated but took 6 wounds off the flying hive tyrant. Shooting sees the haruspex die, the flying hive tyrant die and the tyrannocy get wounded. Combat sees the carnifex die but thankfully with the flying hive tyrant dying a long range charge against the flamer tyrannofex was deemed not worth it.


Tyranids Turn 2:
Charge is the order of the day and everyone bar the tyrannofex moves forward. The trygon prime with adrenal gland upgrade comes out of deepstrike on the left flank and a ripper swarm group apears behind the enemy lines on the right flank. Some swarms holding my ruins on the left flank teleport over to the right flank. Shooting and psychic sees quite a few of the blood claws die and the thunderwolf lt. The space marines are assaulted on all sides from giant tyranid bugs. Of note Old one eye almosts kills the smahs captain who kllls old one eye who in return kills the smash captain. Other then that all the rhinos die, all the rune priests die, all but one of the leftmost blood claws die and the jump lt dies. The left most trygon prime takes some damage from a power fist. The lone blood claw sergeant becomes a lone wolf! really awesome stratagem btw.


Tyranids - 7 (3 Objectives)
Space Wolves - 5 (3 Objectives)
Field Position - Swingy turns. I lost a lot and my bugs have damage on them. But I still am happy and I have the lead. I don't really have an answer for the long fangs though and I know Bjorn is a beast so I have to get lucky on the swarmlord if I want to live.

Space Wolf Turn 3
Space Wolves move forward and a drop pod drops in on the left flank to help out their lone wolf brother. Shooting sees the tyrannofex die and the swarmlord tank some shots. Both trygon primes are assaulted by blood claws and swarmy is assaulted by blood claws and Bjorn. Bjorn fails to kill swarmy and dies in return. Both trygon primes are cut down. Those are accurate power fists on space wolves!


Tyranid Turn 3:
rippers shuffle on objectives and the psychers line up smites on the blood claws tying up swarmy. Psychic sees the blood claws cleaned off and swarmy uses his movement power to line up the lone wolf to kill him. Brood lord fails his charge but swarmy gets in and kills the lone wolf.


Tyranids - 10 (3 Objectives)
Space Wolves - 7 (2 Objectives)
Field Position: Very comfortable at this point. Long claws are still scary but so long as I kill the blood claws I don't think he can do enough damage and score enough points to win.

Space Wolf Turn 4:
Remaining blood claws line up swarmy. Shooting goes into swarmy, blood claws charge swarmy and he finally goes down.


Tyranid turn 4:
Line up smites to kill blood claws. Rippers move up to offer character protections to eh broodlord. Blood claws and some long fangs die.


Tyranids - 13 (3 Objectives)
Space Wolves - 8 (1 Objectives)

Space wolves concede

Tyranid Stars of the Game:
1st Star - Swarmy - Killed a lot and was a beast
2nd Star - Broodlord - Went the distance and tanked damage. his speed and ability to get synapse in range for the charging strat was really nice.
3rd Star - Long range Hive Tyrant - constant damage output
Dunce Cap - Haruspex - T8 doesn't help against lascanons lol. Oh how he wants his maleceptor buddy! Murderous size on him was probably a mistake.

Game Review:
Kind of a wild ride actually. I had one exceptional turn of combat and Kenji had some really good shooting and bad luck against the swarm lord. Kenji said if we were to replay this the swarmlord would have been a larger target initially. I also think he could have droppe in his drop pod and blood claws to deny me the teleport on my monsters and rippers. With those changes and similar luck I think the game swings back in Kenjis favor. Those blood claws end up being scary with +1 attack and +1 to hit on the charge. Those long claws in ruins are very difficult for me to deal with. Pretty pleased with how the army played I am looking forward to how the army plays when I get my maleceptor and toxicrene assembled and in the lineup.

Campaign Review:
Tyranid Campaign Benefits:
Being able to determine mission and deployment/initiative advantage was hugely impactful. I think I would buy that every time.
Ad Hoc Placement got me 2 or 3 command points so that was worth it. While you have units claiming cover on this terrain piece, roll a D6 any time you spend a Command Point. Splitting hairs but only infantry get cover just for being in terrain everything else is line of sight dependent. A monster/swarm may be in the terrain and have cover from one unit but not another. Would they count as claiming cover? I would recommend ammo depot and comms hub to have something like infantry units fully in the ruins, or units wholly within the ruins or units which are wholly within and not monsters, titanic etc however you intend it to be instead of tying it to cover.

Note: If people are not bringing allies, fortifications or kill teams and an emplacement is already left over then you may end up with a lot of false flags. I imagine that fits most people and because ad-hoc fortifications are one of the best use of points then I would expect them all over the place.

Space Wolf Campaign Bonuses
3 CP - Nice and solid
Free Relic - Put wounds on the swarmlord
Character - What happens if you roll a duplicate power or a power that cannot be used. +1 Damage to ranged weapon for the broodlord? Or I roll +1 strength twice for the broodlord?

The two different bonuses certainly seemed well balanced. I would say +1 VP on the broodlord if I can choose the mission would be quite a powerful combo and probably a better use of my points. A free unit up to 200 points would probably be better for the free agent but a free agent is probably not researching the whole thing either.

Zone Review:
Teleportation Nexuses: Any unit wholly within 3" of a piece of Eldar terrain at the beginning of their movement phase may teleport through the webway. Remove the unit from the board and set them back up wholly within 3" of any piece of Eldar terrain and over 9" from enemy models.
I would state that the unit cannot move afterwards as technically they are removed and replaced at the start of the phase. Deep striking normally is at the end of the phase so people can't use their regular movement. You should also consider stating the unit cannot move until the assault phase to prevent swarmlords ability or warp time shennanigans.

The teleportation mechanics were neat. I think 3 would be ideal but I think if you added more then 3 teleportation hubs the teleportation shennanigans will get a little crazy and out of hand. Which may be the goal.

The jungle was mostly on my side so dudes never really came back from the woods.

Mission was just a nice standard 40k mission and ran well. Not sure how false flag works with numbered objectives? For that matter when exactly are campaign benefits purchased? Specifically control the pace of battle vs false flag. Lets say we show up at the game and you go haha I spent 10 points on false flag all hail the four armed emperor and our ingenious tactics! Then I say I have already purchased or decide to purchase control the pace of battle and choose a mission which doesn't use objectives. Would you get a refund or a big case of the feel bads? Is there a mission that doesn't require objectives? If so then the language on false flag should remove the only if playing with objectives caveat.

Further in this mission objectives one and 6 are very powerful can you say your number 1 is a false flag?
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Re: 2k Tyranids vs Space Wolves Campaign Playtest

Postby MrScotty » Tue Feb 04, 2020 4:27 pm

Awesome, thank you so much for both the beta test and the detailed feedback.

To answer a few questions:

-we have 3 eldar terrain pieces. The "example setup" will show then placed spread across the table. I will add a caveat that units return to yhe board at the end of the movement phase and I believe tactical reserves prevents movement after being set up on the board (currently it prevents tzaangors using the teleport crystal relic and then being affected by warptime)

-I will add limits to the number of times benefits may be purchased. False flag objectives will follow all rules that objectives normally follow in a mission, except that they disappear the first time the player who didnt place them secured them. So in a mission with numbered objectives if you place objective 1, you could declare a false flag, place a false objective 1, then both would disappear at the end of turn 1. You could place a false flag in find the relic and pick it up and move it with your troops.

-benefits are purchased before determining mission. I will add language to false flag allowing the points to be reallocated if a mission is selected with fixed objective positions or no objectives. There are a couple.
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Re: 2k Tyranids vs Space Wolves Campaign Playtest

Postby Kman2190 » Wed Feb 05, 2020 6:04 pm

In the 7ish years I've been playing, I don't think I've played a game as epic as this one. Honestly, imagine Spaceship Troopers in all its glory and gore and you'll get a good idea of how this went down! And you know it was a great fight cuz the dead pile was overflowing

Mark did a great job with the postgame analysis and it's spot on and approaching the mission packet was pretty straight forward. The only issue that I saw was the mystery forest wasn't really relevant. That and maneuvering minis in the tree terrain is kinda tough so that may disincentivize someone from using the mystery woods to its full potential.