First Battle with the New Sisters Codex

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First Battle with the New Sisters Codex

Postby spruter » Mon Dec 23, 2019 1:44 pm

I was itching to try the new codex, and with the models I currently had, I built a list. I played Tom who was trying his Black Legion out and we had a pretty entertaining and educational game:
My List:

Battalion 1043 5cp:
Saint Celestine Warlord Beacon of faith 160
Canoness Rod of Command Plasma Pistol Blessed Blade 64
10 Seraphim 147
Plasma Pistol 4 Inferno Pistols Power Sword
Immolator with Flamer 100
BS Squad 2 Melta 79
Immolator with Flamer 100
BS Squad 2 Melta Power Maul 83
Rhino 67
10 Celestian Squad 1 Melta 1 MM Sim Imp 141
Sob Squad 2 Flamers 57
Imagifier (3cp +1 str -1 ap Book of St. Lucius Indomitable Will) 45
Battalion 422 5cp:
Arch Confessor Krynov 60
Canoness Inferno Pistol 52
Immolator with Flamer 100
3 Arco Flagellants 39
5 Sob Squad storm and Hbolter 57
5 Sob Squad storm and Hbolter 57
5 Sob Squad storm and Hbolter 57
Spearhead 535 1cp:
Canoness Litanies 45
1 Rhino 67
10 Retributors 172
4 Heavy Flamers Inferno Pistol Power Sword Sim Imp
Penitent Engine 56
Exorcists 160
Dialogus 35

Tom’s List from my Memory was (forgive my lack of knowledge on his units):

3 Venom Crawlers
Guy riding a big mechanica bug thing (Spidey Boi)
Psyker that buffed the Venom Crawlers
4 squads of cultists to hang back.
3 chaos marine squads
Combi Plasma Terminators with Chain Axes
Terminator Chaos Sorcerer
2 Dreanoughts with Autocanons

The Set up:

We did maelstrom of war, Tom was attacker so he went first, but I chose hammer and Anvil. He deployed Team Venomcrawler on the right and Abbadon, his marine squad and the autocannon Dreadnoughts to the left. Therminators were in reserve and they seemed the scariest.

I deployed 2 immolator Flamers with 4 meltas and the canoness with the inferno pistol to fight the venom crawlers and my penitent engine hid behind a wall to pop out and charge when they get close. I deployed them further back but completely underestimated how fast his venom crawlers were. The rest of my forward army was there to engage abbadon.

1st Turn:

Tom started first and it seemed to be going great at first. I was able to stop a psychic test and the autocannon shots bounced off of my immolator thanks to the ability to negate ap -1. But then the charge phase happened and a Venom crawler and the Spidey boi chewed up one immolator and tied up the other.
On my turn I moved my sisters out of the surviving immolator fell that one back and moved the Meltas in position. I was able to take out spidey boi and when I popped the venom crawler it exploded hitting all of the units including the penitent egine. I then made my first huge mistake and unloaded all of my sisters from the vehicles on left side to wipe the chaos space marines around abbadon. I soon realized that these weren’t very valuable targets and it left my fragile sisters open to tom’s counterfire.

2nd Turn:

Tom drops his Terminators and completely obliterated my Retributors and Celestians. His Venom crawlers also wipe my meltas on the right side. One of the venom crawlers moves to the left and eats an immolator carrying my priest and flagellants. My left side now consists of mostly characters.
On my turn I decided not to deploy my seraphim as Tom’s denial of important units was really on point. I was able to pop one of his Venom crawlers with my exorcist which explodes killing several more of my units but also his sorcerer. My bolter shots failed to do any real damage to his marines in cover so I decided to charge abbadon… We both knew it was a bad idea but I thought a canoness with a blessed blade and Celestine could maybe kill him. He obliterated celestine the canoness and the immolator. The immolator explosion thankfully brought him down to 1 wound. Meanwhile my Penitent Engine was chewing on a venom crawler and only suffered 1 wound

3rd Turn:

Tom wipes the floor with a revived Celestine, the remaining characters and the vehicles. Penitent Engine kills the Venom Crawler which, You guessed it. Explodes killing the Canoness and bringing the penitent engine to 1 hp.
On my turn the seraphim deep strike destroying 1 dreadnought in the movement phase, my back line of sisters marches up to engage the unstoppable terminators. And the penitent engine moves on to clear the back line of cultists. My exorcist breaks the other dreadnought and I manage to get a lucky 12 inch charge from the seraphim to wipe a squad of chaos space marines. This brings the seraphim into cover hopefully to defend against the terminators. The penitent engine wipes the entire squad of cultists in the fight phase.

4th Turn:

Tom wipes the floor with my 10 seraphim. Marines finish off the penitent engine finally. At this point the game is done.
I try to see how much damage the exorcist can deal to the terminators but it was futile.


Tomas was right, Seraphim will get shot off the board no problem. I plan to deploy a minimum unit to pop something on turn 2 or 3 to make back some of my points. Or maybe keep a few on the board hidden behind a LOS blocker and use my 14” - 19” surprise movement to kill something. Also t3 is really easy to remove even with a 4++ invulnerable save. I still want to try a walking hoard list but Positioning will be key.
3 Units that did really well:
Exorcist: Never got touched by Tom so I don’t know much about it’ survivability but it consistently deleted a unit every round. The guaranteed damage on the miracle dice were a huge boon
Imagifier: Ignore AP-1 was huge for my Tanks survivability
Penitent Engine: The best boy ever! That 56 point machine chewed through everything. 5+ FNP was so good that I’m considering this over mortifiers even with the lower Armor and movement. However against a shooty list I could see it failing.

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Re: First Battle with the New Sisters Codex

Postby MrScotty » Mon Dec 23, 2019 3:38 pm

The more I compare Mortifiers and Penitents I think Penitents are better except where the generic Sororitas keyword is helpful (i.e. when you have Katherine on the board, who can boost mortifiers but not penitents).

The big problem is, it has Sororitas but lacks Order keyword, meaning it can't get buffed by Imagifiers, Canonesses, etc. Penitents shift a little over towards defense, meaning if your opponent does take the bait and shoot them they do hold up better. FNP rolls are also very good for mitigating damage from Flat 2 damage weapons like autocannons because they stop your opponent from ensuring they get clean math on your wounds remaining - ie if you have 4 wounds left, 2 fails vs autocannons doesn't guarantee you're dead.

Seems like the two big errors were letting the Venom and Disco engage turn 1 (they should be able to with warptime but not normally) and choosing to fight abbadon instead of the stuff he's buffing. Big beefcake characters like abbadon, calgar, and guilliman with shagnasty buff auras should basically be ignored or inconvenienced if possible. Usually you can bog them down in super cheap or high-invuln troops and be alright. Abbadon with average rolls only kills 4 seraphim per turn if they've got the 4++ up.

Terminators or other heavy infantry are definitely the hardest thing to tackle with the new sisters codex.
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Re: First Battle with the New Sisters Codex

Postby spruter » Mon Dec 23, 2019 4:29 pm

The only thing that makes me want to get mortifiers is the heavy bolters. I feel like if I ran 4 of them up the board against a shooty army I get to advance and dish out 24 heavy bolter shots before they get blasted off the board where if I did the same with penitent engines maybe they'd survive a little longer but if they don't then it's all for nothing. The other thought would be very small squads of 2 hiding behind LOS that pop out when the enemy gets too close.

I really backed my Immolators up but he had some nasty ability to advance and charge, or something to that extent. Charging abbadon was dumb. Also I completely forgot to fire back on a 5+ EVERY time because I got that rite. Once I handle all of the rules I hopefully won't make so many dumb mistakes.

For terminators and other heavy units I think I want to revisit sisters repentia. They have the Orders Keyword and shield of faith which means they get a 4++ plus a 5+ feel no pain. AND I can also get them to 7 strength on their swings with 2 damage. I don't even think abbadon could handle that.