First try at Daemons

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First try at Daemons

Postby Draaen » Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:30 pm

So I haven't been able to make it out to the bunker for a bit but I had a 40k itch I needed to scratch so I went ahead and drafted up my first pass at a daemon list and decided to try it out against my TAC team canada list.

Daemons List

Disclaimer: Slightly over in points by like 4.

Great Unclean One - General! (I forgot his mortal wound thingy!) - Just noticed this now lol :)
Daemon Prince with wings - He had talons for more attacks
4 Beasts of Nurgle
4 Beasts of Nurgle
3 Nurglings
3 Nurglings
3 Nurglings

Bloodthirster - 4+ Invul (I forgot the +1 invul strat! That would have been useful!)
5 x Hounds
5 x Hounds
5 x Furies

5 x Screamers
4 x Screamers
5 x Furies

Boy the points sure melt quickly! I wanted an undivided list that had some cooler units. Unfortunately to stay battleforged I have to cut out slaanesh and stick to FA. But the list should be tough and in your face. I plan to deep strike the GUO T2 up close and have everything else run up with characters hiding behind the daemonic swarm. Obviously there are essentially 3 functional groups and the nurglings who in a more serious match would be out of sight holding objectives or being a nuisance that could help any contingent.


I chose Canads because it was a smaller army to set up and likes to scrap. I am concerned about it being a no contest with my Daemons vs my Tau.
Team Canada Take All Comers

White Scars

Librarian - Jump Pack, Combi Melta power sword
Lieutenant - Jump Pack, Combi Melta power Axe
3 x 5 Intercessors - Grenade Launcher, Power Sword

Karsarro Khan on Bike - General
5 Bikes 1 Attack Bike, 1 Pfist, 2 Plasma, Heavy Bolter
5 Bikes 1 Attack Bike, 1 Pfist, 2 Plasma, Multi-Melta
3 x Plasma Inceptors

Captain - Jump Pack, Combi-Melta, Teeth of Terra
10 x Vanguard Vets - Power Fist, 3 x Power Axe, 2 x Storm Shields
10 x Vanguard Vets - Power Fist, 3 x Power Sword, 2 x Storm Shields
10 x Vanguard Vets - Thunder Hammer, 3 x Power Sword, 2 x Storm Shields

This list isn't top tier but there are not many lists I would think I have no chance against. Knights which are in vogue though would give it a very hard time. It has speed and if run well you can optimize where your trades are. I love the fall back and assault feature

So I have no terrain at home. So the battle was on the salt plains of Choggoris. I set up the armies in "formation" and since I was in an old school mood I went for a straight up bout.

So when doing tournament prep or figuring out a new list I like to play against myself. It doesn't replace playing against a skilled opponent who pulls tricks you don't expect. But seeing your army on the table coming down at your testing list often puts your strengths and weaknesses into perspective from an opponents point of view. Asking how am I going to deal with from the white scars perspective gave me a bit of a better perspective on my list.

In Deepstrike - Great Unclean One, Lieutenant, Inceptors

The Daemons Perspective:
That's a lot of dudes and a lot of speed. I can't deny a flank because the flank is fast enough to redeploy. I have to keep some furies to protect my characters from behind. His shooting isn't the best but way better then mine. I will have to push getting into combat. If I go first nurglings into bikes would be nice.

Team Canadas perspective
Smaller army, fast, lots of psykers, no shooting. Beasts positioned in center is a good play since they are the slowest unit so a denied flank is not possible. Lots of D2 damage so my bikes will be vulnerable. Stay back take some pot shots and guarantee yourself the charge and when the initial strike happens take out a big guy like the bloodthirster

Team Canada went first

The game

Canada T1: Stay back don't allow a long bomb charge and killed a lot of nurglings. I was surprised I didn't kill them all. Those guys are tough! Still really it's a free turn to kill units.

Daemons T1: Moved up precast Malefic talons smote a bike. I decided to focus on the right flank to open a gap for the Tzeentch detachment and focus my power on the bloodthirster who would be a big target T2. If he was ignored then he would quickly become one. This would naturally bring the white scars towards the beasts and the juggernaught.

Canada T2:

Note- Cold one knights are the inceptors. I was too lazy to pull them out


Plasma inceptors drop with the lieutenenat next to the captain with the bloodthrirster in their sights. Shooting kills the bloodthirster and a lot of flesh hounds. Combat kills 3 beats of nurgle and reduces one to a wound, the daemon prince and finishes off the flesh hounds. 3++ storm shields held the line! The game was going according to plan. The dice went team canadas way and at this point I know I am going to take a punch in the nose back but I think it won't be terrible. The worst part is that one beast of nurgle at 1 wound is in combat with most of my units which will remove overwatch.

Daemons T2:

Daemons need a big turn. Things look bleak but I hit hard and at some point those 3++s will fail. I bring out my secret weapon Mr. Happy. I am looking to smite out the bikes with 5 total wounds remaining so the my beasts of nurgle can assault. With some luck I super smite off all 5 wounds on the bikes and kill khan who was at 3 wounds freeing up the furies and the beasts of nurgle. The screamers move behind lining up the inceptors. Nurglings assault into the captain and lieutenant to prevent a heroic intervention and everything else that can charges into the pile. Mr. Happy the cagey veteran rolls an 11 for an assault showing that leg day isn't all that necessary. Combat goes well with a lot of storm shields dying and team canada looking to be in a much worse position.

Canada T3:

Well that turn was surprising. The dice went against Canada but Mr. Happy is now able to be targeted and I still have my inceptors and a good amount of shooting. Daemons still have too much speed to just run away so I decided to fall back chill out 1" away and kill the speedy screamers, furies and fluxmaster. I kill all the targets except the fluxmaster who made a lot of 4++ saves. Thats how that goes sometimes. But now the daemons are going to start to lose the foot race and slowly there psychic advantage has been reduced.

Daemons T3:

It's at this point I think you see my inexperience with this list shine through. I leave the flux master in combat so no overwatch and all my psychic is denied or fails. Now I know I can't remove everything and I should have solely focused on the characters. Instead I split my focus and accomplished little. lots of saves on the beasts attacks although the skull master wrecked face! I got all but one of the storm shields. Boy oh boy those vanguard vets are deceptively tough

Canada T4-X

Speed destroyed check
long range abilities neutered check
Gameplan run away spread out to deny a big game winning charge. Sacrifice remaining bikes to make a line of bodies prevent follow up

Daemons T4- X:
Shoot how did this go so wrong? I can't make any charges. Oh no Mr. Happy died! All my charges failed and combats failed to deal damage! GG

Turn 4-X:

That was a lot closer then I initially thought it would be. The white scars are strong but the daemons hung in there and were able to force the fight in a not too disadvantageous position.

Canada Post Game Analysis:
Pros: Plasma inceptors are awesome and are a great addition to this list. I like lieutenant and his captain buddy and the characters having multi-meltas. This list handled that a lot better then I would have in previous iterations.
Cons: Too aggressive with bikes on the charge. Wasted too much time on the beasts which kept the daemons in the game. Still uncertain as to best calls on which flank the initial engagement was on and when I should have faded away from the assault. I executed my plan but the decisive strike wasn't as crippling as it could have been.

Daemons Post game:
Pros: There was a surprising amount of durability! The speed was good. Khorne furies were surprisingly effective. I liked my psychic phase effectiveness. Beasts were very tough. Really like my screamers and tzeentch furies.
Cons: I lost and was impotent at the end. Poor decision making on target when I got my shot. Beasts have 0 AP which really hurt. I was not protective enough of my characters. I should have let my hounds and beasts take the initial charge as much as possible and left my daemon prince far enough back so that he only got to engage when he wanted to. I also lacked a lot of overlapping buffs like re-roll 1s. My thought is that the daemon army is more optimal with a larger central focus. It also may need more bodies to effectively work potientialy making my larger team evil army sub-optimal. More experimentation required to determine viability. I also question my ability to fight knights...
Game Preferences:
Current Beta rules in effect
I'm happy to play lower points levels with people who are staring out or building up new forces