Salamanders vs Raptors 8/5/18

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Salamanders vs Raptors 8/5/18

Postby Sandtiger » Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:20 pm

For the entertainment of the masses, I present: A Tragic Tale of Salamander Glory, starring Vulkan He'stan and 3rd Company Champion Solarion Pyre.

During this game, it was a 1000 point match. I was testing a list that I might use in NOVA and Vulkan and Solarion REFUSED to blow their 3++ saves. We played the Comms Relay mission from the NOVA packet, which doesn't much matter for this story but it was cool and interesting. Anyway, Fight of the Century broke out.

Turn 1, I drive a Razorback forward with the Company Champion and 5 Sternguard inside, kill all but 1 of a scout squad, and end my turn with it sitting on the Comms Relay. My opponent was playing Raptors, the Raven Guard successor chapter. He blows the Razorback to bits and then takes out the Sternguard, and charges forward to challenge my Company Champion with his Chapter Master on a Bike with a Thunder Hammer.

Does Solarion care? HELL no. The Shield Eternal protects him. He shakes off 3 wounding hits from the Thunder Hammer and strikes back, drawing first blood to put the Chapter Master at 4 wounds left. In my opponent's turn, he shoots up a bunch of the rest of my army, leaving Vulkan alive with no protectors, and then tries to kill Solarion again. STILL does not care. Shakes off another bunch of wounds, bloods the Chapter Master again, putting him on 2 wounds.

My turn again, I get Vulkan forward and embark into the Comms Relay (it's a building you can use during the mission) to protect him for a turn. I bring down Cataphractii Terminators with double Lightning Claws who laugh at his Devastators' Overwatch fire and slay them all. My own Devastators fire upon another Raptors Devastator squad, taking some out. Solarion fights the Chapter Master again and they each fail to wound each other this time.

My opponent is now nervous about losing his warlord so he brings his Apothecary up to heal 3 wounds back to the Chapter Master, does some shooting at my Terminators, and then assaults Solarion with his Lieutenant and Chapter Master again. The Shield Eternal's defensive wizardry falters only once, against the Lieutenant's Teeth of Terra. Incensed at the interruption to his duel, Solarion disarms and kills him immediately with 2 wounds from the master-crafted Power Sword. Even the desperate final blows from the Lieutenant as the Standard Bearer watches can do nothing.

In my turn, Vulkan disembarks from the building and charges forward to deal with the Apothecary and Standard Bearer. He strikes twice at each of them, missing the Standard Bearer but driving off the Apothecary. The Terminators step forward to assault another Devastator squad and hilariously fail to wound well, killing only half the squad when they should have killed the entire squad again. Solarion tries and fails to wound the Chapter Master.

In my opponent's turn, the Chapter Master rides off in frustration as Vulkan stares down the Devastator squad shooting behind his Drakescale Cloak and laughs off Lascannon, Plasma Cannon, and Missile Launcher fire, taking only 2 wounds. Solarion finally succumbs in a literal blaze of glory as Aggressor bolter fire does 17 wounds to him. 😢

At this point in the game I know I've basically lost but I wanted to get a moral victory, so Vulkan made one last try at the Chapter Master. He bathed the Chapter Master in flames, which the Iron Halo laughed off, assaulted successfully and did 4 wounds. The Chapter Master's Iron Halo protected him from those too. The Chapter Master's turn comes, and he finally justifies his reason for being in this game when I am out of Command Points and finally fail a 3++ on Vulkan, giving my opponent warlord kill and putting the game finally out of reach.

Thoroughly entertaining game today and it's one of those days that I lost and don't care cuz I had so much fun for about 3.5 hours. Pictures attached of the characters involved.
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