Battlegrounds Saugus Invitational: Smoking Boots

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Battlegrounds Saugus Invitational: Smoking Boots

Postby Sandtiger » Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:10 am

Taking a very minor shortcut and including a link to my Facebook profile because I took 18 pictures and I'm pretty sure not all of them would fit on here. If anyone has issues seeing the profile post let me know. The entire post that I wrote out is copy-pasted here though. ... 4649199570

Pictures of yesterday’s tournament, plus batreps as promised.

The first two pictures here are of two armies that I took a particular liking to; the Ultramarines one won Best Painted and the Tallarn are one that I was also admiring. The third is my own army. The rest are from Game 1 and 2 in my day.

We played by NOVA rules and NOVA missions 1, 2, and 3 from the Grand Tournament.
Game 1

Game 1 - against Astra Militarum/Salamanders - My first game of the day was pretty fun all things considered. My tanks were blown up on turn 1 after they took objectives for me along with a full squad of Blood Claws, as was my Stormwolf after it destroyed one of his tanks, scoring me a point. The rest of the army advanced into the middle of the board, splitting into 2 tendrils. This turned out to be a mistake, but it did end up making the game more amusing this way. Bjorn, the Iron Priest, and a tank+Claws were on one side of the board; another tank+Claws and both of the Axe/Shield Dreads ended up on the other side. My opponent did some drops on Turns 1 and 2 to cut my forces down but then I managed to engage his army and actually start fighting. This ended up catching me up a bit but not enough to win, as he had just a huge amount of men that kept me away from such important things as Warlord kills and other tanks that would have scored me points. The Salamanders Devastator Squads for him also were tremendous, getting hits and wounds on my guys that were important.

Game 2

Game 2 - against Alpha Legion/Death Guard - Game 2 was also pretty fun, for different although similar reasons. The tanks and Dreadnoughts he brought ended up not being terribly threatening to my Stormwolf because he got really scared of my Wulfen, Dreadnought, Iron Priest, and Wolf Priest which charged and ate almost a complete squad of Cultists in one combat phase and then destroyed a Chaos Predator in the next phase and started in on a squad of Poxwalkers. That side of the board was looking pretty grim for him for a while before he finally managed to kill my Wulfen in his 2nd shooting phase. On the other side of the board, lots of shooting was done into a squad of Cultists, who died and then the squad that almost died to the Wulfen were brought onto that side of the board to stall me out, along with a lot of Poxwalkers. Bjorn started in on them along with a 2nd volley of Razorback fire but I made a critical mistake by splitting Bjorn’s shots, allowing the Poxwalkers to regenerate and force a charge into them instead of into the Dreadnought that Bjorn really wanted to go after. After that my offense on that side of the board stalled out a bit on both sides of the board and although Bjorn ended up dismantling the Alpha Legion Leviathan Dreadnought anyway even when he was charged first, we ran out of time to finish anything so he ended up winning.

Game 3

Game 3 - against Crimson Fists - I didn’t take any pictures of this partly because I was REALLY tired and partly because, honestly, this game rapidly became as uninteresting as possible and went downhill VERY quickly for me. He Seized the Initiative on me after we set up, and proceeded to blow up just about everything I owned that could have made it competitive in the first 2 turns. It was the most un-fun experience of the day. The only saving grace of all this was that John was a total gentleman about it all and did his best to make sure that I wasn’t TOTALLY despondent afterwards. We shook hands and parted amiably after I resigned with Bjorn and one Dreadnought left of my army on Turn 3? Something like that.

On the whole I had fun in 2 games and was massively bored in one game watching my guys die 😥 MVPs of my army were the Wulfen, Bjorn, and the Wolf Priest. Bjorn is a monster and Wulfen getting full rerolls from a Wolf Priest are a great offensive unit. Oh yes, although I didn’t end up talking about them much, GH with 2 Plasma Guns and a Plasma Pistol are a great little shooting unit. They dropped in and did well in both of the good games I had.

My list:
My list

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Space Wolves) [68 PL, 1289pts] ++

+ HQ +

Bjorn the Fell-handed [14 PL, 239pts]: Assault cannon, Heavy flamer, Saga of the Warrior Born, Warlord

Iron Priest on Thunderwolf [7 PL, 113pts]: Bolt pistol, Servo-arm, Thunder hammer

+ Troops +

Blood Claws [6 PL, 87pts]
. 4x Blood Claw
. Blood Claw Pack Leader: Power axe
. Wolf Guard Pack Leader: Bolt pistol, Power sword

Blood Claws [6 PL, 97pts]
. 4x Blood Claw
. Blood Claw Pack Leader: Power sword
. Wolf Guard Pack Leader: Storm shield, Wolf claw

Grey Hunters [11 PL, 168pts]: 9x Chainsword
. Grey Hunter Pack Leader: Power axe
. 6x Grey Hunter w/Bolt Pistol
. Grey Hunter w/Plasma Pistol: Plasma pistol
. Grey Hunter with Special Weapon: Bolt Pistol, Plasma gun
. Grey Hunter with Special Weapon: Bolt Pistol, Plasma gun

+ Flyer +

Stormwolf [14 PL, 353pts]: Twin helfrost cannon
. Two Lascannons: 2x Lascannon
. Two Twin Multi-Meltas: 2x Twin multi-melta

+ Dedicated Transport +

Razorback [5 PL, 116pts]: Storm bolter, Twin assault cannon

Razorback [5 PL, 116pts]: Storm bolter, Twin assault cannon

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Space Wolves) [36 PL, 711pts] ++

+ HQ +

Wolf Priest on Bike [7 PL, 156pts]: Combi-melta
. Bike: Twin boltgun

+ Elites +

Venerable Dreadnought [8 PL, 160pts]
. Fenrisian Great Axe and Blizzard Shield: Blizzard shield, Fenrisian great axe

Venerable Dreadnought [8 PL, 160pts]
. Fenrisian Great Axe and Blizzard Shield: Blizzard shield, Fenrisian great axe

Wulfen [13 PL, 235pts]
. Great frost axe
. 3x Thunder hammer & Stormshield: 3x Storm Shield, 3x Thunder Hammer
. 4x Wulfen
. Wulfen Pack Leader: Frost claws

++ Total: [104 PL, 2000pts] ++