I have a cool idea for the club!

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Re: I have a cool idea for the club!

Postby Indy » Wed Feb 26, 2020 1:07 am

I think the secret to success with something like this is a combo of simplicity, discipline, and quantifiable data.

Keeping things simple makes it easier for everyone both to produce and consume.
Having all participants be disciplined about doing so after every (qualified) match ensures there is enough content...
...and enough content also means that the reports contain quantifiable data that is useful. By that I mean what aspects of the game are most impactful to the players and readers? This takes a bit of skill to discern since saying “Grey Knights beat Iron Hands” could lead to people drawing the conclusion that GK are now OP or such....when in fact, the actual battle would assert just the opposite and show just how heroic the GK player’s efforts were etc...

I’ve written BR’s that are practically essays and I’ve written some that were one paragraph. Finding that happy medium is always the trick. Sometimes we have a story we want to tell and sometime we jut want to get the mot basic details across.
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