Kill Team tournament 12/14 (not at Bunker)

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Kill Team tournament 12/14 (not at Bunker)

Postby drama87 » Fri Nov 29, 2019 9:26 pm

(posted with permission)

Hello all! My name is Devin, I'm new to the board, but I just wanted to spread the word about a Kill Team event I'm organizing for Saturday December 14th. Unfortunately, it's not at the Bunker, it will be at another store up in Topsfield, MA (conveniently 5 minutes from my house).

Facebook link for the event here, or it is listed on Best Coast Pairings if you're familiar with the app. Custom mission packet, 125 point games, no Arena, no Commanders. Any questions/comments PM me here or contact through Facebook.

I know Thursday nights are the best bets for Kill Team, and hopefully when my newborn starts reliably sleeping through the night I can get away and come meet everyone. If there's enough interest I'd love to eventually run an event at the Bunker.

Thanks for reading!